Clashes break out as nearly 1,000 Jews visit Temple Mount on Independence Day


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Clashes break out as nearly 1,000 Jews visit Temple Mount on Independence Day
Dozens of rioters threw stones and other items at police officers securing Jewish group visits to the Temple Mount, lightly injuring one.
Published: MAY 5, 2022

Clashes broke out between Arab visitors and Israeli security forces at the Temple Mount on Thursday, as 950 Jews visited the site on Independence Day after a nearly two-week closure. Arab rioters threw stones and other objects at police, lightly injuring two officers, as security forces guarded the Jewish visitors. Arabs at the site shouted and cursed at the Jewish visitors. The Jerusalem Post joined the Jewish visits on Thursday morning as hundreds of Jewish visitors entered the site. Police rushed the groups of visitors through the complex quickly, not allowing them to stop at points where they usually stop to give short sermons and pray silently.

According to the Temple Mount Administration, the number of Jewish visitors was nearly four times larger than the number on the Independence Day before the coronavirus outbreak. The group that the Post joined, as well as a number of other groups that visited on Thursday, repeatedly refused to listen to police instructions and sang prayers and the Israeli national anthem “Hatikva.” This was despite repeated requests by officers to follow police regulations that forbid noticeable prayer and any national symbols. Some activists also succeeded in waving Israeli flags at the site before being quickly removed by police.