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Sandra Lee

Hi Sandy, welcome! I am not familiar with Church of Christ other than seeing them around and hearing about them.

From your statement:

It sounds like Armenian doctrine (salvation can be lost) which is false. From your post I think you know this to be true.

My problem is when churches pick and choose which parts of the bible to be legalistic about. The scripture should be taken as a whole, within its context.

I have also had experiences like you with Calvary Churches (I used to attend and have seen 2 fall, one to hsong). Although I find them better than most other churches, I still prefer the Baptist Church if you can stand the false teachings of Calvinism and you know the scriptures enough to recognize and weed through them.

It sounds like you have some good experience to share. Thanks for joining us. God bless.
Thank you, for welcoming me to this site. God bless you, also.


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The "once saved always saved" has always been a question for me. Are any resources on RF with more info on this topic?

Reason being, I have known many who were devout believers during their teenage years, yet totally walked away from the faith as adults. As much as I would hope they will be included with Body of Christ, I wonder due to their non-repentance of sin and continued sinful behavior. Maybe they were never saved to begin with??

There's a section on the main site at the following link:

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