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Do you all celebrate the birth of our Lord in December or do you believe that this is a pagan deception from the Devil?
What about Easter?

I celebrate both and I’m grateful that Jesus made these events possible for us with His birth and Resurrection so we can all gather in joy and celebrate.


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I celebrate Christmas, not because Jesus was born on that date (that particular date came from a pagan holiday), but as the time Christians celebrate His birth. Santa Claus and all those type of trimmings stopped the day I became born again.
I celebrate Easter, but I call it Resurrection Sunday. It is the day I celebrate Christ rising from the dead. The bunnies and all those type of trimmings went out the door too.

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I tend to celebrate Jesus everyday. As for the Holidays that we have, mostly because Holidays were days I was most likely to be deployed and/or working during, my wife usually has to tell me there's a Holiday, otherwise I might not be aware of it. Except for Christmas as December 25th is fixed in my brain as a special day. I like the time around Christmas because a lot of people seem a little bit kinder and friendlier. Now that I live in the lower 48, we'll see if that changes...

So partially because of my personal outlook and partially because of my work history, I tend to treat every day the same. None-the-less, I count the established Holidays as a good thing for people. I don't see one day as being holier than another though.


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Both. I agree with the above posts, it's less about the exact dates and more about celebrating the amazing gift of God in Christ-- His birth, His sacrifice on our behalf on the Cross and His resurrection, plus also taking advantage of the holiday to share the gospel with those around me who otherwise avoid Christ.

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I celebrate Christmas and Easter . . . and Hanukkah and Passover :smile I really like Hanukkah and it's origin, but can't do as much for the Jewish holidays as I would like these days, due to circumstances [sigh]

If Jesus was born in September, as some speculate, then the light of the world was conceived in December :biggrin So Christmas in December isn't so far off in the sense that human life begins at conception, especially since both Christmas and Hanukkah are festivals of light :smile

Celebrating Christmas is adiaphora. Neither commanded, nor forbidden, so up to the individual's conscience.