Christmas Week Prep


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My prep for Christmas is to get to feeling better. In November I had stomach pains and thought it may pass but only got worse. They did bloodwork and breath test. I had a bad bacteria in my stomach. Gave me 3 prescriptions, 2 4x a day and 1 2x a day. All taken on an empty stomach and the one can’t eat until an hour after. Those pills worse than the bug. Stomach churned, gas even more predominant, loose bowels which only continued to worsen. After the first few days it settled a bit and thought okay I can do this. Sadly the last few days it got worse again. Thursday morning going to rinse face and without warning threw up. At least it was in sink, easier cleaning. I also was having a severe migraine trying to come on so I was trying to do neck exercises to keep it away. By that afternoon I’ve had enough. I didn’t take the last dosage instead I took 2 pain/sleep pills and went to bed. Yesterday I didn’t take any dosages either. Threw up my supper. I took 2 pain/sleep pills and went to bed again at 6:30. This morning I woke up mentally feeling so much better and a bit more energy. My stomach is feeling much better as well.
Hoping Monday I will be able to cook dinner and take to enjoy with my brother. Though I’ll need to get him shaved, since he’s going to be extremely scraggly by then.