Christmas Treats!


Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly!
We went to Independence Center a mall after the Christmas tree lighting we saw in Sugar Creek, Mo. We just had to get some Topsy's popcorn. Jeff got caramel, and I(Janice) got cinnamon. Getting ready to eat it. What are some of your treats this time of year?


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I think they’re called Tassies. We used to make them every year. The crust is cream cheese and sugar and flour. Maybe butter too. The filling is some kind of yummy pecan stuff. I also traditionally like to get some dry peppermints . Mmmmm!

Andy C

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My wife and her 2 nieces, nephew, and our daughter will all be baking treats on Saturday. Fudge, sugar cookies, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, christmas crack, Russian tea cakes, black and white cookies, macrons, and who knows what else. My job, official taster.:D. I will have to run extra miles so I dont gain any weight this month.


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Everyone's treats sound sooo YUMMY!! I traditionally make ginger cookies, treasure cookies, honey peanutbutter cookies, and white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies. Also toffee and those ritz cracker and peanutbutter dunked in choc almond bark treats. Gotta get busy on them!