Christmas Movies!


Standing on the Promises of God!
Since we have been chatting about lovely Christmas Music, I thought we might chat about favorite Christmas movies! :tree
Of course my most favorite is, "It's a Wonderful Life".
And as many times as I have watched that movie, it never fails to bring those tears gushing out! I always make sure to have a box of tissues nearby (or at least a roll of t.p. cause I always forget to buy tissue boxes) :cry2
Which is your favorite Christmas movie?


I must confess to loving all the versions of "A Christmas Carol". The 1951 version in particular is quite frightening. On YouTube this morning I found a 1935 version that I had never seen before. Dickens book come to life on the screen is the standard for Christmas movies to me, pure delight!


Standing on the Promises of God!
Oh! So many great movies! A Christmas Carol is such a great story! And I do enjoy those old black and white movies. Prancer is a lovely movie; the way that little girl had such an immense love for all things Christmas!
I also like the movie , "One Magic Christmas." So sad when the bank robber takes the children!
I just put in several holds at the library for Christmas movies! I just devour those up! Along with lots of cookies of need snacks while watching movies :wooo


Standing on the Promises of God!
How wonderful! I've always wanted to watch a stage play of A Christmas Carol!
I've also always wanted to watch The Nutcracker ballet but have always been in the orchestra pit. You can't see much of the ballet from there when you have to read the music and follow the conductor, lol!
But I could tell you some crazy stories from the orchestra pit that would make you laugh!


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Playing 1st violin in a famous orchestra has been one of my fantasies.
Playing a violin at any level: (beginner or intermediate will do nicely) is one of my life's desires.
Whoops! I think we're a bit off topic, :offtopic but it was fun and interesting.
It might be nice for someone to open a thread about musical instruments that our RF members play or have wanted to play.


Standing on the Promises of God!
It's okay to be off topic :hug
I think you have a great idea there! It would be a fun thread :jazzercise
What would we call it?

Just to stay on topic, how about that old Twilight Zone episode with Art Carney (I think that was his name), where he found Santa's bag and distributed gifts to people in his neighborhood? That was such a lovely episode!