Christmas ads and showing Christian elements


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I could work up some offense at the angel's announcement of "I bring great news! A greater variety of gluten-free products—oh, and also, the birth of Christ."
Yes, but at least they are somewhat acknowledging what Christmas is about ... even if it is simply to sell product. It's a change from the "Happy Holidays," Christmas trees, gifts and lights adverts with not one peep of acknowledgement of the birth of our Saviour.

Elizabeth Anne S

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I think angels might take exception to the idea that they wear pearls/beads.

I think the idea was the angels are supposed to be really shiny and sparkly but the Gates of Heaven are made of pearls so that really seems odd. Why is she wearing material the gates are made of? :)

It's like that joke about the man who knew Christ as Savior but he was really rich and convinced God to let him bring one bag with him to Heaven. He brought it up there and when he got there he was told, all the things you could bring and you brought pavement? Because the gold he brought was what they make the streets with.