Christmas 1983 Memories, and Update.


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It was long ago, 1983 we think, and our family was made up of our children about 6, and 4 years old, and my wife
the mother, and myself the father. Wife stayed home to raise the kids, and I worked at a job that unfortunately did not over pay
it's workers. We were members of a local Protestant church, and we made sure that the kids got a Christian education at home,
and at church. I was also a sunday school teacher at our church.

That year we were able to pay our bills, and buy some modest presents for the kids, and each other, but we had no money left over
for extras like a Christmas tree or a small dinner out for the whole family. This year we prayed for a tree to honor the Savior, and
this year it was about 4-6 days until Christmas, and we were getting desperate. So I looked in my desk, for some forgotten money,
and I found an envelope with a $50 bill in it. The envelope said it was for a specific bill, but then I remembered that I had paid
that bill with a check, back when there was something in checking. So that fifty was ours!

First thing we did next morning was buy a tree, and in those days a fifty could buy more than it could today. Also it
was so close to Christmas that prices were reduced even more than usual. We got one for less than ten bucks, and
we brought it home and decorated it. Thanks to Jesus!

That evening we brought the kids to a discount department store where we all had turkey dinners with pumpkin pie.
It was even good. Then we brought them to a fun movie about a young boy who wanted an air rifle for Christmas. The kids
loved it, and we adults even liked it because it was new and we had never seen it. After this we had fifty cents left over.

Recently this year we had our relatives over for an early Christmas meal. One was visiting us from far across the country. They are church members at their own
churches now, and I brought up this day from long ago. They remembered it, but had no idea how low on funds we were then,
or how we had paid for that evening. Thanks to Jesus for that tree, and that family outing long ago!


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Thanks for the Christmas story! I was a child of the 80s and remember our Christmases growing up. My Mom was a stay at home Mom and My Dad worked alot to support us. He did not make much but we did alright. We always put up those plastic fake Christmas trees and it was fun. We did not go to too much trouble. We did not do movies because it cost too much even back then so we used to watch Christmas specials on TV like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman. We also would get creative and make our own Christmas decorations from some craft book using popicicle sticks or cloth pens. It was all in good fun and we would get in the family car and drive around looking at Christmas lights.