Christianity is not in decline in America

Discussion in 'Breaking News & World Events' started by cavalier973, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. cavalier973

    cavalier973 Well-Known Member

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  2. cavalier973

    cavalier973 Well-Known Member

    Maybe the reason America isnt mentioned in End Times prophecy is because most Americans will be Raptured.
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  3. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    Really interesting article. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  4. maryrae

    maryrae Well-Known Member

    "Christianity" may not be in decline, but I dare to venture & say that at least some churches (perhaps many) are not full of true Christians, but rather an apostate version of Christianity.
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  5. Everlasting Life

    Everlasting Life Through Faith in Jesus

    Yes, that was in the back of my mind as well. I hope things are better than what I think.
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  6. ByGod'sGrace

    ByGod'sGrace Well-Known Member

    I have been searching for a Bible-based, grace-based, theologically sound church for the past 5 years. The only one I've found is Neighborhood Church in Redding, so I listen to their podcasts and Jan Markel. Unfortunately, most of the churches I check out now are buildings, even campuses, with coffee bars, 15 minute pep talks, and lots of rock and roll theatrics...
  7. daygo

    daygo Well-Known Member

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  8. savmom

    savmom Member

    And ashtrays in the back pews for smokers who can't wait 45 minutes and a place to store personalized beer mugs for the monthly Sunday kegger that takes place instead of services (no I am NOT kidding).

    In our area the word "Chrisianity" means something entirely different than what the Bible describes it to be.......and it is a sad, scary, and disturbing type of different.

    That article certainly does not apply to everywhere.

    Without revealing our exact location, we live within shootin distance of a "vortex" nestled in "red rocks" and people are very "spiritual" but not in a Biblical sense. The last Church we attended was so secular I honestly thought I was going to vomit during the so called preaching by a "pastor" who was openly committing adultery with a very young member :confused::eek:
  9. madcat

    madcat Well-Known Member

    Sadly, I think the whole US has this problem. I’m smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, and even what used to be a 1st Baptist church, has been taken over by a Bill/Lynn Hybel’s “pastor”. All about increasing attendance, Israel divestment, and “inclusiveness”.
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  10. Andy C

    Andy C Well-Known Member

    Its good to read more people attend church, but as others wrote, what “church” are they attending? Simply attending any church does not make one a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes one a car.
    Its what YOU believe, and in Whom you believe in as your Savior, thats what makes one a Christian.
  11. RobinB

    RobinB Well-Known Member

    Very interesting stuff. There's really no way to be sure.
  12. vbf

    vbf Well-Known Member

    Attendance and participation may be increased, however, that is not an accurate measure of increases in true Christians and/or Christianity. I drive by a church every Sunday that packs in several hundred people x 4 services each Sunday and it's an itchy-ear, seeker-friendly church. It would be fantastic if these people were under true Bible teaching and preaching, however and sadly, the opposite is likely happening.
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  13. anasazi

    anasazi Well-Known Member

    Praying for a great revival in America.
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  14. Ransomed

    Ransomed Member

    I doubt it will be most Americans; rather, a sizable chunk of the population seems likely. And some parts of the country, no doubt, more so than others.
  15. savmom

    savmom Member

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  16. dave-o

    dave-o Well-Known Member

    I agree that sitting in a church makes you Christian as much as sitting in your garage makes you a car! But 1 quote from the OP article"
    It is extremely likely that if your church teaches the Bible with seriousness, calls its people to real discipleship, and encourages daily intimacy with God, it has multiple services to handle the coming crowds.
    I think that is very true.
  17. dave-o

    dave-o Well-Known Member

    I question whether the ratios are new or is it just that its more popular to claim non-religion because its seen as being "erudite"
  18. ByGod'sGrace

    ByGod'sGrace Well-Known Member

    YES!! The thing that hurts is that other church-goers have said things like how I need to go to church and serve, otherwise my faith isn't strong and/or I am not a good Christian and/or I am disobeying God because He said to not forsake the gathering together of other believers. :-( I think the motivations for our actions and serving should be done out of love, and serving God can be anything and everything where we can show love and kindness, in every moment of our life. I've had the most meaningful theological discussions on this board than in any church I've gone to in the past 5 years, and have had more honest prayer requests and connection than I've ever had in a real church. It is just interesting how things have been deconstructed into what people can say is church or not church, what is considered being a good Christian or a bad Christian (when that concept isn't even in the Bible, only a believer being willfully disobedient and falling out of fellowship with God by choosing to engage in sin).
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  19. ByGod'sGrace

    ByGod'sGrace Well-Known Member

    One of the new church start-ups in Monterey has a Pub & Theology night where they meet at a bar and question things in the Bible (I never went, but my friend did, and one of the discussions my friend told me was that they talked how evolution could be true and how the Bible is open to interpretation). I just don't see how trying to conform with the world to bring people in is a good idea.
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  20. Anewcreationinjesus

    Anewcreationinjesus Well-Known Member

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