Christianity in America


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The statistics are sad but the 6% leaves me a little optimistic as I've tended to figure an even smaller percentage of the population being Raptured.

It would appear that the vast majority of church goers don't know God, as well as many pastors.
There are roughly 210,000,000 people in America 18 years or older. 6% of that number is 12,600,000 people. That’s actually more than I would have guessed. As time moves on, the rapture will have less and less of an impact on society. Sounds ridiculous to say but these statistics bear this out. Wonder what the numbers would be if you surveyed only those that were say under 40 years of age? Worse I’m sure.


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So many thoughts. Many sound cold, even to myself.
A. Those that claim to be Christian and yet deny what God’s Word clearly states, and worse argue or refuse to listen to those of us that recite BIBLICAL VERSES, I have no patience for. I have said outright (and probably wrongly)

”Welp, good luck with making up your own religion and rules. Don’t blame God when you burn in hell. I don’t say that because I want you to. I don’t. But when you are at the Great White Throne, which is in the Bible if you care to know, you will have to answer to Him. And He has told you how to be saved. Your awesome, pithy and condescending reasoning ain’t going to work. Remember that when you are there.”

At this point I leave them alone and tell them I won’t bring it up again as long as they don’t. But if they do, I’ll again recite scripture to destroy their self made up religion. /end rant.

B. Those that do not claim to be Christian yet show an interest or at least are open to ‘discussing’ Jesus and His plan to save us. I do have a deep yearning to share and feel sad when they put off, for now that decision. I do pray for them.

C. Those I see on the streets and in stores that seem to obviously have mental and/or emotional issues. I feel so much sympathy for. How will they come to Christ? I do pray for them. How did they get to this state? God sees them, right? I’ve been blessed with not being like that. It wasn’t me or my ‘effort’. Just lucky? Anyway, I pray God takes these people in the rapture.

Ok, longest post for me. I’ll stop.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Another bit of damage to Christianity is our microwave society. Press a button and here it is.
Waiting for things is passe'.

Even health is take a pill.

Some are waking up to this but applying worldly solutions. Physical exertions do profit a little, but character growth is still neglected.

I remember getting an allowance, for chores done. Now kids get an ipad and service subscriptions.

It might be argued farm kids have more challenges, and yes thee is the danger of a works/reward ethos,
yet, I have seen a slower effect on farm families as they generally keep the relationship of God and man and earth close to heart.
But with corporate farms, hired workers, computer directed farming, the reliance on faith is ebbing.

Little by little the resolve, the reliance on God is worn away. I believe its spiritual insight that often I see the blessing in struggle and oppression of those who believe.
It causes them to cling tighter to Christ and the promises of God. Certainly we don't want such times, but they are a gift as God uses them in our lives.

Struggle and oppression have another power that works as illustrated in the scattered seed [Word of God], and not much seems to survive to produce a crop these days.

God is able, yet is bound by His Word. Our prayer is that we may be part of revival and the showers of blessing He so want's to give us.

But when the Day of the Lord does arrive, when men will criminalize God's word, when mockery and ridicule becomes sanctioned violence, Look Up. Its imminent.

Let us be washed in His Word standing fast on the Truth.

John 14:6: Its only Christ.

We have hope in no one else, no other thing,.... no other faith will save.

Jesus Christ made that crystal clear.


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B. Those that do not claim to be Christian yet show an interest or at least are open to ‘discussing’ Jesus and His plan to save us. I do have a deep yearning to share and feel sad when they put off, for now that decision. I do pray for them.
This is probably the scenario that I feel the most urgency for. Probably because there are a handful of those in my life right now. They're "open" to Jesus, but not committed to Him alone. I think it's that they see Him as one of many paths.

If they did a little more research into all of the supposed "paths," they'd see that they don't line up with each other at all. You can't follow Jesus and any of these other belief systems simultaneously.

@Wally posted my favorite verse in this thread, John 14:6. It's plain and simple that Jesus is the only Way. But that's not the "correct" way of thinking these days. The world wants people to accept everyone and everything and reject the idea that there is absolute truth.

Sorry, I'll step off of my soap box. I just see this "accept everything" mentality running rampant and it's really sad. Expected, because He warned us, but still sad nonetheless.


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Does your church have or are there any churches there with deaf ministry or deaf services? There are several in the metro area where I am, and other places. If your church doesn't, if it is part of a denomination or association, that larger organization may have more resources or could refer you to a ministry or church that may have what you need :smile

:pray :pray :amen :amen
Very small not like many, but yes there have small and people about less 10. Before COVID more than 20 but after that spread and fade. ONLY I keep connect with the Hearing people on website such like forum and other. Since Facebook are beyond crazy this month my 4th locked down with the FB. Because of reason. I stand what I believe and they locked and check them back on. I planning to deactivate change to new.

Right now the world look God's children ban and not allow to stand up my faith in Him.

What more my wife and I walking with the God while my daughter want to be LGBT. Why God loves all human. I told her can't walking with two face and you know then don't play game with God what her lifestyle not happy. soooo.

sadly but my wife and I praying for her heart back to wake up..