Chinese spy balloon a 'violation of US sovereignty,' Sherman says


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Chinese spy balloon a 'violation of US sovereignty,' Sherman says
She also addressed a question on Iranian oil export to China: “ We are working on sanctions evasion, including oil shipments”
Published: FEBRUARY 9, 2023

WASHINGTON – Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said on Thursday that China’s surveillance balloon had entered US territorial airspace “in clear violation of our sovereignty and international law.” She also said that “along the way, we learned a thing or two” about China’s use of the balloon.

Testifying in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), the Committee’s chairman, asked Sherman about Iran-China relations. “Iran gets to export its oil, despite US sanctions, and Beijing receives a steep discount,” he said. “What is the administration doing to increase the cost on China for helping Iran evade US sanctions? How does it plan to make a measurable dent in Iran’s oil exports to China and others such that Iran is not reaping the benefits of steady oil prices?”