Chinese Scientists Claim to Impregnate Male Rat


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Even if this actually happened as they said, there is no way it has any effect on humanity. Maybe other than accidentally creating a new super bug.

I can see animal experimentation if it searching for real ways to help and understand people but this is just a waste of life. Animals are for our use but it is still a life.


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This is not the first time something like this has been done; Barack Obama claims to have impregnated his manwife Michael. [sorry, couldn't resist...]

If they do things like this that we know about, what might they be doing that they keep secret from us? The bio-attack called COVID gives us an idea of the kind of evil bio-machinery they might be working on. And it's probably being paid for with American taxpayer money.

God will not be mocked; those who do these things will answer to Him. In this life we can be affected by what these evil men do. But only in this life.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
They are also trying to kill us through the poisons that they put in our food, while they dine on pure, organic foods. Glyphosate is a slow poison (and a probable carcinogen) and the chemical agriculture (A.K.A. Big Agriculture) crowd (which is the same crowd who promote and own Big Pharma) are putting glyphosate in as many of our foods as possible. That way, they get a "twofer"--they get to sell us their glyphosate poison and then, they get to sell us cancer drugs. They ignore regenerative farming practices which, if followed, would eliminate most, if not all agricultural chemicals.
Family gardens . . .


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Another minor technical plus: the next time Pete Buttigieg is awarded paternity leave, it could be for his actual child. This makes it official: the planet has slipped into an alternate universe- Pete’s potential paternity/maternity leave. Remember, the last straw doesn’t have to be a big one - just the last one.
All together now: EEWWW!!!!!!


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The world is raging against our Eternal God and they will say and try to do anything in opposition of His Word. Pregnant men is disturbing but there are many other equally or even worse things than that.