China’s Electric Vehicle Industry Destroying the Environment in Indonesia

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A report published Monday by the tech website Rest of World (RoW) exposed the horrifying environmental cost of manufacturing all those “clean” electric vehicles.

RoW took a hard look at how the demand for crucial metals from China’s booming EV industry has ravaged parts of Indonesia, creating a hell on earth that might never be cleaned up.

RoW called its report The Dirty Road to Clean Energy: How China’s Electric Vehicle Boom Is Ravaging the Environment. The name highlights the uncomfortable truth that “green energy” proponents have decided to simply ignore the environmental devastation caused by hurried efforts to dig up the minerals needed for solar panels and batteries.

The Greens have been happy to outsource those dirty jobs to China, which knows how to talk a good game at climate change conferences but has very few compunctions about damaging the environment or pumping out “greenhouse gas” in pursuit of its industrial goals.

Green energy has also pumped money into one of the most repressive regimes on Earth and given Beijing abundant economic leverage over corporations in the free world.

Electric Vehicles are probably much worse for the environment over all than our current gas burners. No way will EV help usher in a green future.

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This is very sad! The people's health are being greatly compromised, all their water is polluted and they can't grow food on their land. The reporter on this story developed an eye infection affecting his cornea and won't have good vision until he gets an operation for a new one!

Here's the original article:

Yeah, this mantra that the environment is "being saved" through EV cars is a lie.

More environmental damage is being done, water polluted and land made useless is the real result. The ocean waters nearby are actually verifiably warmer as a result.

Which leads me to believe, pushing away from gas as an energy source really seems to be simply undermining various nations financially, not 'saving the environment'. And at the cost of the environment, peoples lives and livelihood.

:pray ing for the people of Indonesia.....

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North Dakota and Minnesota together have the right minerals and a battery production facility is being planned and built. Last I knew, the factory will actually be in ND. Hope the greenies here do what they've been doing pretty effectively for a very long time and watch closely and report loudly. The area in Minnesota where they'd be mining has the potential to contaminate surface AND underground water for a very long way past where mining, etc. operations would occur.

Hopefully, the Chinese haven't bought the land with water and mineral rights attached, since that makes it more difficult to enforce environmental laws and standards.

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