China, Russia claim to showcase hi-tech weapons at Zhuhai Airshow -analysis


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China, Russia claim to showcase hi-tech weapons at Zhuhai Airshow - analysis
These air shows are an opportunity to see which of the weapon systems that were teased in the past are really rolling off the production line – and whether they work, or are merely for display.
Published: NOVEMBER 8, 2022

China, Russia and 40 other countries are showing off new weapons systems at the annual Zhuhai air show. This is an important opportunity for Beijing to show off its latest weapon systems, including planes, drones and missiles, all examples of its military might. It comes after President Xi Jinping was elected to a third term at the ruling Communist Party’s recent convention. China’s military might matters more in a world in which it – along with Russia, Iran and other countries – believes that the US is declining and a multipolar world is emerging.

According to the Chinese military, the 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China 2022, will be held at Zhuhai Airshow Center from November 8-13. A variety of systems will be on display, including from the China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC), which are “aimed at diversified requirements of amphibious missions in the future and can serve the Army’s amphibious forces, special operations forces, coastal defense forces and Marine Corps.” Lightweight vehicle-mounted “swarm weapon” systems, which can supposedly conduct precision strikes, will also be displayed.