China pressures the West in Pacific naval battle - analysis


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China pressures the West in Pacific naval battle - analysis
China's focus on diplomacy with Pacific island nations means it can potentially operate more freely between western allies in the region.
Published: JUNE 4, 2022

Two reports recently paint a picture of growing western tensions with China in the Pacific. The first is a story about China doing outreach to Pacific Island nations. The second is the story of Canadian military aircraft operating in Asia repeatedly "buzzed" by Chinese jets, according to a report at the BBC. “Canada says that its aircrews have had to alter their path to avoid collisions while operating in international airspace near North Korea,” said the BBC, about the latter reports. “It has called the Chinese behavior unprofessional and potentially risky.”

Then there is the story of China’s foreign minister meeting with Pacific island counterparts. The Guardian says that “China is expected to encourage Pacific countries to sign up to a sweeping regional economic and security deal.” The importance of this trip by China's foreign minister Wang Yi, who was scheduled to visit eight countries in 10 days, is clear. Wang arrived in Fiji’s capital of Suva and then went on to make other visits. On the Chinese list for growing ties and influence are the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Samoa and Fiji.