China is Building 150 Nuclear Reactors While Biden Demands More Solar Panels


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China is Building 150 Nuclear Reactors While Biden Demands More Solar Panels
By Daniel Greenfield

In his end of the year roundup, Dave Barry joked that, “Inflation continues to be a pesky problem, with food prices soaring and gasoline approaching $4 per gallon everywhere in the nation except California, where, for environmental reasons, it is $137.50.”

He’s not far off the mark. It’s easy to find $6 and $7 a gallon gas. And you can see gas stations like that even in the sight of drilling going on.

Home and business energy costs are even more insane. Surviving a summer in Southern California means almost certainly having to go into the dreaded Tier 3 at which point “the prizes double” and the costs can be utterly horrifying when you look at your power bill.

The Green special interests based out of California love nothing more than the idea of making their setup into the model for the country.

The Biden administration had to sign a China ban on slave labor despite lobbying over the impact on solar panels. But while Democrats build solar panels, China is building 150 nuclear reactors. It’s phasing out a lot of its old dams and it’s going to what works.

If Democrats believed their own global warming nonsense, they’d go nuclear too. But it’s not about the planet, it’s about what makes it go round, money.

There’s lots of money to be made in making energy more expensive. Much more than from making it cheap the way that nuclear would.

Just ask a Californian.


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An autocratic form of govt is much more efficient at making decisions and making things happen quickly and affordable. Unfortunately, that autocratic govt always turns evil because power always corrupts.

Our democratic style is slow and constantly divided yet the people aren't abused and are supposed to hold the power.

Only a benevolent leader like our Lord Jesus Christ could ever hope to rule over the world both efficiently kindly. That's what we are all waiting to happen. Please be today!!