Chelsea Clinton Says Banning Sexually Explicit Books From Schools is “Harmful” to Children


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When we think about the father who raised her, this should not surprise anyone. I'll be so glad to finally be Home where this sort of evil will not be anywhere around, just a holy, righteous God whose presence is felt everywhere there.
It is such sweet thoughts to know we will be living forever with Jesus in a beautiful sinless place. Come Quickly, Lord Jesus! :thumbup :thumbup


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Chelsea Clinton came out in favor of porn for children.
Bill Clinton’s only daughter said banning sexually explicit books from schools is “harmful.”
Chelsea Clinton linked to an NBC News article reporting on the sexually explicit LGBT themed children’s books banned from libraries.

“In its annual book censorship report, the American Library Association documented 1,269 challenges to more than 2,500 books in 2022, the highest number of attempted book bans since the association began tracking such efforts in 2001. It was a 75% jump from 2021, which held the previous record.” NBC reported.
“Of the 13 books that made the ALA’s list of “Most Challenged Books” last year, seven titles — including three of the top four — were challenged for having LGBTQ content, the association found.” the outlet said.
Chelsea Clinton said porn books for children are a vital way for kids to learn about themselves.

She operates under the same crippling delusion as her mother...thinking that anyone actually cares about anything she has to say. No Chelsea.. we really don't care.

She's just like Hunter, simply another corrupt apple that fell, rotten from the tree before it even hit the ground.