Checking in from Michigan


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Hello family. After Facebook showed up, I thought I’d never join another forum. But it’s become apparent that Facebook will not be a safe place for believers in the near future (heck, I don’t feel safe there now). I was saved in 1997 and have been looking for the arrival of Jesus since. Like many here, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve been pre, post, mid, pan rapture, etc. Now I just want to watch and serve as I’m sure we’re very close. Anyway, I look forward to the discussion without the prying eyes of “fact checkers.”


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Yes, welcome to RF. Thank you for introducing yourself. Please acquaint yourself with our posting rules; it avoids a lot of trouble. Looking forward to your posts.


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Welcome! What part of the Great Lakes state are you in? We have several members from various parts of the state.


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Welcome to the forum Bonzo! Hello from the salt bath city of Michigan. Well used to back in the 50s and part of 60s.