Cheap thrills in drugstore makeup. Share your best finds!


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I have barely worn lipstick or blush since Covid started.... I hate getting masks dirty with make-up.

Oh, but during the pandemic I did buy one of those Color the World lipsticks that was advertised on Facebook. I was sucked in by the pretty tubes they come in, and the lipstick does get great reviews, but sad to say it's no better than a drugstore lipstick, so I won't be spending the money for it again. (It wasn't all that expensive because it was on sale, but still, $10-15 range and I just don't spend a lot on makeup, so that was high for me.)
Leigh try the Maybelline Lip Ink Crayons. I have the one called Lead the Way and it's a pinker cousin of Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk which skews a bit coral on me. It's budge proof -- the mask comes off, the lip crayon is still there. It usually doesn't transfer too much to masks or coffee cups either once it has time to set down. I don't find it drying like other long stay lip stuff, but Your Mileage May Vary.

I LOVE it. They have a bunch off new shades now so there's more choice.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look for them next time I'm at the drugstore or Ulta. I remember Cover Girl Shimmering Sands. I don't remember Walk In The Woods. I really liked Milani cosmetics, but they have gone really woke liberal and I won't be giving them any more of my money. On a side note, my first lipstick I bought with saved up allowance money was Pink Quartz by Cover Girl. They still make it, but my complexion has changed since my early teens and it would wash me out now.
I FINALLY remembered the name "Country Woods". Pfff my memory!

I should mention that ELF has some new quads out, one of which looks like a nice neutral set, and it's gotten good reviews from Zabreena and others who review drugstore stuff. I think it's called Cream and Sugar. I want to pick it up next Senior Discount Day at my drugstore. 20% off is nothing to sneeze at! Love my senior discount. And I'm finally turning 65 so I get my pension too. Love the perks of age. There's some downsides, but there's some nice perks! :lol


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So I'm tired of 2020 being such a killjoy year. And ready for some fun feminine topics. Anyone with me?

Starting with these gems

I found a really nice Maybelline eye shadow called Nude Drama which is one of those peachy champagne shimmer types that really looks nice on the eyelid. I've been pairing it up with Wet N Wild's Brulee eye shadow single which is like a matte cream shade and both of them are dirt cheap at the drugstore here in Canada. My favourite eye shadow primer is Milani and it's another drugstore winner.

so what have you enjoyed recently from the drugstore makeup aisle?
I thought of you just now. I bought MAC's new magic mascara. It's awesome. Like using false eyelashes. I did have to buy the primer tho because the nice lady said it helps with the mascara and it does make a difference. I absolutely love it. It makes my lashes so long and looks real.

Also picked up a darker version of my regular liquid Chanel foundation and cream foundation. I went a shade darker because someone commented why I looked so "white." Lol all this time I thought it was the right color. AND the best thing is Chanel's moisturizer. Simply awesome.


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I thought of you just now. I bought MAC's new magic mascara. It's awesome. Like using false eyelashes. I did have to buy the primer tho because the nice lady said it helps with the mascara and it does make a difference. I absolutely love it. It makes my lashes so long and looks real.

Also picked up a darker version of my regular liquid Chanel foundation and cream foundation. I went a shade darker because someone commented why I looked so "white." Lol all this time I thought it was the right color. AND the best thing is Chanel's moisturizer. Simply awesome.
I had seen some good reviews for the new MAC mascara, and wondered about it, GOOD TO KNOW! :biggrin I have really been enjoying that L'Oreal Lash Paradise stuff and I found a Costco dual pack so I have one to go but I toss after 2 months so in a few months, I might just pick a MAC up to try (and also to encourage the MAC counter at our local dept store which is looking kind of sad and empty).

And I tried that Charlotte Tilbury finishing spray and WOW. I got the small size, to try, and I won't use it up fast but oh MY does it keep the foundation from rubbing off on a mask when we go out. Ditto if I skip out on my allergy stuff and I'm blowing my nose every 20 minutes. Love that stuff. I will budget for that. I don't plan to use it every day but when I do the makeup seems bullet proof.


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And I tried that Charlotte Tilbury finishing spray and WOW. I got the small size, to try, and I won't use it up fast but oh MY does it keep the foundation from rubbing off on a mask when we go out. Ditto if I skip out on my allergy stuff and I'm blowing my nose every 20 minutes. Love that stuff. I will budget for that. I don't plan to use it every day but when I do the makeup seems bullet proof.
Where did you buy the setting spray (I'm in Canada too)? Sounds like something I could use!


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I got it at Sephora. It's proper name is Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray and the mini was $24 Canadian, with 34 ml. I figured the mini is just a few bucks more than the drugstore ones, and now that I've tried it, it's terrific. Hairspray for the face pretty much. By the end of a day of masks and nose blowing, it isn't perfect on my nose but still looks not too bad. Normally everything wears off within a couple hours under the mask and with allergies. Zabrena mentioned she sprays it onto a brush and uses the brush to tap it on. I haven't tried that, I usually give it 3 or so pumps and then lean into my fan on high to quick dry it.


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I tried Maybelline's New York Makeup Color Sensational lip liner in clear. I had purchased something similar to use around the outside of the lips to keep the lipstick from feathering. It's okay, but it was a bit emollient for what I needed. I'll try it at the edge of my lips instead of outside and see how that works. I love red lipstick, and some of them are a challenge to keep from feathering. I'm working on lessening the lines above my upper lip; I'm having some success with a Retin-A product. I'm also giving up drinking water straight from the bottle and drinking from straws, unless I'm at a restaurant.

Ghoti Ichthus

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Warning :soapbox

Probably more than you ever wanted to know/get :lol . . . modest, clean, simple appearance is so much more than modest make-up or clothes. Being clean (as is possible), looking healthy (as is possible), looking like you take care of what God gave you (as is possible), and not smelling like a tramp :smile

I don't generally wear make-up unless I'm wearing a suit for an interview or seriously dressed up for a special occasion. Not even for church. I'm really a plain Jane/tomboy at heart, so probably wear a lot less make-up than most here. I don't have any objections to make-up, but I do think modest make-up enhances, rather than broadcasts/advertises. Different than work make-up for some performers, TV personalities, models, etc. because different functions. Ditto clothing. For clothing, I figure as long as the bare minimum is covered, anything else is one's personal choice. Some jewelry is tacky, some is ostentatious. Different occasions and clothing will dictate different styles and pieces of jewelry to fit modest, clean, and simple goal.

When I go for job interviews, moderate thickening/lengthening mascara that matches my natural (sparse) eyelashes, small thin line of matching liquid eye liner (upper lid only with a very light smudge on the bottom), and a little neutral matte lip stick/crayon a little darker than my natural lips. Blotted well so it doesn't really look made-up, but it's apparent that something was done out of respect for the occasion. Natural with a little help. Sometimes lip moisturizer or conditioner under the lip stick, especially in winter. Ditto eye lash conditioner under the mascara. Might have to start using a brow crayon to even out the color a little. I keep my brows natural, but pluck the occasional wild hair (not plucked and redrawn) No eye shadow, lip liner, blush, rouge, bronzer, concealer, corrector, foundation, glossiness, sparklies, non-natural/neutral colors, etc. Nothing scented.

Definitely water-proof mascara and liner. Q-tips and a little water or make-up remover are handy when applying. Lipstick or lip crayon that lasts all day. FWIW, if something can be used on the eyes, it can usually be used on the lips from a health/safety standpoint. As a minimum, keep a spare lip crayon/stick, a couple q tips, tissues, and a tiny travel remover with you if you're wearing make-up so you can fix *disasters* If you're carrying a purse, a spare mascara and liner are good, too. There are small mirror compacts without any make-up in them that are handy. Some are magnified :smile

I do use a lash curler to help even out my eyelashes so they're not all in one area, but try not to curl so they don't break or look stupid :lol Over-curled lashes can appear somewhat unladylike or floozyish (connotation) on some people :lol

Keeping one's skin clean, clear, hydrated, and moisturized goes a long way to a clean, simple, modest look without make-up. Deep cleaning of the pores, not just surface clean. Regular and proper exfoliation makes a huge difference in some skin. Don't overlook mechanical exfoliation as an option instead of chemical depending on skin. I use two different (cheap) cleaners because the one I used to use they don't make anymore. One deep cleans the pores OK and the other cleans the residue and smell of the deep cleaner and prevents skin irritation. My skin is so oily, moisturizer not needed except in winter. Pay extra attention to hands and neck skin, not just face.

Neat, even, clean nails with trimmed cuticles and scrupulously clean hands and feet. Any rough edges, an emery board to smooth. I don't wear nail polish, decals, sparkles, etc., or fake nails, but for special occasions I'll buff to a high shine. Keep shoe-caused callouses on the feet down to a dull roar, so long as they aren't needed/result of work or sports. Keeping skin hydrated/dry skin controlled without doing anything with callouses goes a long way to simple, clean look. Leave callouses on the hands alone because they're from work/sports and you need them. Lotion goes a long way toward people not objecting to/noticing hand callouses. Unscented. Try to find something that doesn't leave a greasy residue.

Clean hair with a great haircut/hair style also goes a long way to a simple, modest, clean look. I keep my hair very short, but it's feminine. The only thing I do is wash and finger comb. About once every other week it gets a tea tree shampoo and conditioner instead of the cheapie regular shampoo. That's more for the scalp than the hair, though. Something about getting old(er) :lol To the extent possible, unscented or a mild/unnoticeable residual scents for soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Rinsing well helps reduce scents and (potential) irritants. Make sure your shampoo, conditioner, and body soap/gel don't clash because some scents smell good apart, but together they absolutely reek. Example: Prell and Everyone Kids Orange. Unscented deodorant/antiperspirant.

I don't wear perfume because I have issues with scents. If you choose to do so, very, very small amounts (a little goes a long way). Perfumes do not smell the same on different people because different body chemistries. If you want to wear perfume for a fancy social occasion, sometimes the toilette water or cologne version is better because milder. Stick with something classic that smells good on you and doesn't smell cheap, old, like a hooker, or like a funeral home. Musk, lavender, and baby powder smells are not good choices because connotations. Chanel No 5, White Diamonds, O de'Lancome, Tabu, and Opium are nice, but pricey. A perfume counter if you can get someone not on commission to help is a good place to start. You have to like the scent and it has to smell good on you. Don't let them put anything on you except with a q tip or applicator or you'll become nose-blind. As it is, about 4 scents (two on each side) may be all you can try before you simply cannot tell anymore. Department store products are usually more expensive than drugstore products, but a lot of drugstore products smell cheap. Walgreen's often has a well stocked counter and a helpful employee (run to another store if there's an idiot or a newbie working the counter).

Especially watch scented douche. Any scented will make you smell like a tramp, but most especially strawberry or baby powder.

Watch ingredients. Lots of carcinogens and other bad stuff in ladies' cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, cleansers, etc.

Have fun experimenting!

Now that I have thoroughly :soapbox . . . pun intended :lol


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Any tips for modest makeup looks? I'm starting to experiment with makeup for fun but what to keep it simple. Godly. and modest to honor Jesus.❤️♥️
In makeup circles, the look you are after is called "the no makeup makeup look" which sounds like a joke but it's got some truth to it. It's what I aim for with makeup. People should see you, not the makeup. The desired effect is you, just a slightly enhanced version. I'll explain.

So at 65 with allergies, thyroid problems and auto immune issues I have almost no eyebrows left, my skin is blotchy with redness in the centre and forehead, I have some wrinkles, sunspots (big freckly spots) and my eyes are perpetually red rimmed. It's an ongoing art project every morning, but I use a few products and come out looking like me -- one of my drs-- a woman leaned in once and stared and said in amazed tones, You wear MAKEUP, don't you? Yep, I was wearing it alright -- a face full-- but she had to zoom in to really see for sure. It's a little more obvious now 10 years later but that made me chuckle. That's what I'm wearing in that photo from about 5 years back.

As we age our skin becomes less even toned, redness pops up and eye lashes and eyebrows lose colour along with lips so the focal points of the face start to disappear and at the same time the redness, blotchy bits and wrinkles start to become focal points. I prefer my focal points continue to be eyes, mouth and brows to frame the face.

First things first. Skin care. You can't paint over a badly prepared canvas. Cleanse, moisturize and protect. That translates to a good cleanser-- doesn't have to be expensive, just gentle. Moisturizer same, and some kind of daytime moisturizer with some SPF. If you have oily skin and prone to blemishes, look for something with Salicylic Acid or BHA. Aveeno makes a good cleanser and moisturizer called Clear Complexion. Bonus, BHA is also good for aging skin too, as it helps exfoliate gently. But if you have dry or reactive skin, Aveeno has stuff for that too.

CeraVe isn't as good since they reformulated but another brand is ELF and apart from being made in China some of their skin care is excellent, and the price is outstanding. I love and use Bioderma, La Roche Posay and Avene although they are a higher price point at the drugstore. Garnier and Loreal can be more irritating if you have sensitive skin. If you don't itch, break out and burn from chemical SPF, you have a wide range of moisturizers with SPF. I used Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin (no fragrance) for years, but then developed an allergy to chemical spf, and had to switch to mineral. Australian Gold makes a lovely mineral SPF- cheap at the drugstore.

Once you've got happy skin, moving onto makeup.

BB creams or powder foundations are a good place to start. They have a tiny bit of smoothing and evening out the complexion, the BB creams come with moisturizer and often a bit of SPF too. If that works, you needn't go further. You are aiming to blur things not erase everything.

For years I just used that Olay Complete and I'd blast a little powder foundation on, not a lot, but with a big fluffy brush like the Real Techniques blush or powder brush. Just enough to dial down the shine of the SPF and blur out my complexion. Then brows and mascara and lip stuff.

A powder foundation I've used for years is by Mac, it's called Studio Fix and you can get the gals at the Mac counter to set you up with the right colour to just match your skin tone. Don't apply it heavy, just a big fluffy brush. Leave some of the natural looking shine from the SPF to give you a glow. You can dab more on later if you have oils breaking thru, but a light touch to start. A drugstore one getting some love right now is LOreal's Age Perfect Powder foundation.

The illusion you are after is good skin, that people can still see freckles, a bit of irregular skin but it's blurred out a bit like faintly airbrushed.

Some people do this using the moisturizer and while it's still wet, they tap a little concealer in that matches the skin tone onto any spots they want to disappear a little and then tap the concealer till it all blends in. The Glossier company has some good products and videos using their Stretch concealer (which is actually a very light to medium concealer-- ideal for this kind of effect). That works too. Shelby Wilson has some very good YouTube videos on makeup application and her vibe is definitely the no makeup makeup look.

I use an eyeshadow primer by Milani, followed by a cream skin tone matte shadow called Brulee by Wet N Wild to cancel out redness, blotches, and veins on my eyelids. But if yours are fine, let them be. I don't use concealer for this purpose, because on my upper lids, concealer gums up and comes off in patches. I have hooded lids that over hang. I need the primer and a smooth matte skin tone to cover and stay put. If you have oily lids, this will help or if you are in a hot humid climate or have hooded lids like me.

Next is eyelashes and eye brows. Most people like to start with some mascara. If you want to amp up the lashes I suggest a current favourite of mine, L'Oreal Lash Paradise or Cover Girl Lash Blast in the orange or green tubes. Those are wonderful too.

If your brows are all there, you can quit but if you need brows to show up, Cover Girl, Loreal and Maybelline all have some micro brow pencils. Look for medium brown or Taupe or Blonde shades to start. Unless you are a redhead, avoid the red toned ones. Micro brow pencils simply means you can draw tiny fine hair like strokes onto missing bits or re draw a whole eye brow like I do. Those brows in the photo are my art project. I'm a brow pencil (and powder) lady because without the art of cosmetics, I look like a rabbit. No brows, no lashes, red nose and pale lips. I am very fond of IT brow pencil in universal Taupe and Anastasia Beverly Hills in Medium Brown.

That and a lip gloss/tinted chapstick should be it.

Loreal again makes a nice tinted lip balmy lipstick that is quite sheer and forgiving. It's called Loreal Color Riche Shine lipstick and the shade Glossy Fawn is a brownish pinky nude shade. And that btw is what you probably want if you don't want lips that look lipsticked up. Look for "nude" shades with a little brown, a little pink to them. If you need a deeper nude, look at the shade Varnished Rosewood. Those are lovely and sheer. They have a pretty looking cut crystal effect case.

You can experiment with blush and bronzer later as you feel confident. Milani makes some nice blushes --but use a very light touch and get a fluffy blush brush like the one by Real Techniques or the RT powder brush so you apply the faintest hints of blush and bronzer. The Lumi Bronzer by L'Oreal in Fair/Light is a really good one that doesn't go on blotchy, it's easy to blend.

Powders go on best over a light touch of powder, not straight onto wet moisturized skin or wet BB cream. Either wait till those dry down a bit or use a light dusting of powder (it doesn't have to be powder foundation if you are using a BB cream, just a light setting powder like Revlon Candid.)

If you get too much blush or bronzer on, fix it by adding more face powder and buffing the face powder (like Revlon Candid) into the blotchy bit. It will start to dilute and lift some of the colour.

If you blob some mascara onto your eyelid or under the eyes, let it dry in place for a few minutes and then flick it off with either a clean spoolie (the mascara wand when the mascara is done can be washed off, and used as a spoolie, but it's just the little spiral brush thing) or a dry Qtip. It will flake off without making a mess.

At the end of the day, it has to come off.

I use my cleanser first, rinse well, pat dry with a clean facecloth, then go in again with a little Micellar water on a cotton pad. I use Bioderma Sensibio but find one that suits you and your budget. Soak the pad, go over your face starting with the lash line around the eyes. Getting that spotlessly clean will ensure you don't wake up the next morning with red itchy irritated eyes. Never a good look.

Then rinse again, and pat semi dry, but leave some moisture on the skin and seal that in with the moisturizer. In the morning just splash water on the face and follow up with moisturizer with SPF in it or moisturize then put SPF on. Wait for that to soak in a bit, a couple of minutes and then onto the makeup again.

This will give you that no makeup makeup look, and take care of your skin too.

Hope that helps.
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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Forgot a couple things :lol

Wash and dry hands thoroughly before eyedrops, contacts, or starting makeup to reduce the chance of infecting yourself or contaminating your makeup

If you need to use eyedrops or put in contacts, do so before starting makeup. If you routinely use eyedrops through the day, you'll need to find makeup that doesn't run if the eyedrops get on it.

If you use a Q tip(s) to apply lip crayon/stick and never touch a used Q tip to the lip crayon/stick, the lip crayon/stick will be a lot more sanitary and less likely to infect or reinfect yourself with something All makeup should be disposed of and new obtained every year due to potential for bacterial, fungal, viral contamination/growth. This is most critical with liquid eyeliner, lash conditioner/moisturizer, and mascara.

If you get pinkeye or any other eye infection, get rid of all makeup and start over. Cold sores, get rid of all lip products and start over.
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