Charles Stanley died


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Sorry :cry2 to hear this I just watched him on Resurrection Day. I am sure he is happier than ever in his eternal home :fish heaven. I wonder if it was natural causes, and who will take over the church? He passed away just 9 days after Resurrection Day. I hope his funeral is online.
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It's always hard to hear when a faithful servant of the Lord is called home. Happy for him, sad to see the gap he leaves behind. One thing for sure, he no longer has to worry about whatever his son is cooking up next.
My husband and I were privileged to see Dr. Stanley in person on 2 different occasions several years ago when he came to preach in our neck of the woods in VA. Those were evenings well spent. I also listened to him among others on my drive to work every day after I got saved not to mention I have several of his books. Learned so much from him.

I do not understand his son Andy at all. He certainly went off the reservation just like some others. Can’t imagine how that must have saddened his dad.