Chapters from my life.


After I posted my testimony about how God brought salvation to me at the age of 13, one of the responders expressed an interest hearing about other encounters I've had with the Lord. I think this spot is the most relevant for stuff like that, so from time to time I'll post two or three of the more significant times in this thread.

As an early Christian (early 20's) I was in a church that needed to replace their pews and one Sunday the pastor requested gifts and pledges aside from our normal tithes and offerings. I tore a scrap of paper out of my notebook and wrote $250 on it and put it in the offering plate. My wife at the time got angry at me because she didn't work and I only made $200 a week. I told her I was going to stand by my pledge and she just thought I was crazy since we didn't even have any savings. The Thursday after my pledge, two guys knocked on our door and wanted to buy the junk car on our property for $350. I paid my pledge the next Sunday.

My Dad was a rockhound and we would get permission to hunt fossils and minerals out on folk's ranches or brushland. In all of our trips I had a total of 6 encounters with rattlesnakes being only a few inches from my ankles - never got struck though.


Howdy all. It's been a while, but life gets busy you know? For the next significant event in my life, I'm going to skip ahead to December of last year.

On December 15th 2021, I fell on my stairs at home and broke my fibula where it joins my ankle. The emergency room physician gave me a referral to a podiatrist, but with one thing or another plus the holiday schedule I didn't connect with the podiatrist until the Monday after Christmas. At that time he said that due to the exact location and severity of the break, I required surgery to add pins and braces to hold everything together until it healed.

Surgery was scheduled for January 4th (my birthday, sheesh) so my wife brought me to the surgery center and I was prepped for surgery. Several days later, and I'm still not certain exactly how many, I regained consciousness in the ICU of a hospital.

After I had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks, I was partially told what had happened. During my podiatric surgery, my oxygen levels dropped significantly and wouldn't return to normal no matter what the surgery team tried. I was basically suffocating right in front of them, so the surgeon rushed to finish the surgery, bundled me into an ambulance and sent me to the hospital which God in His providence had placed just across the street.

The emergency room discovered I had a massive blood clot blocking up both my lungs and that was why I couldn't get any air at all. The blood clot was removed and I was put in the ICU under 24 hour monitoring. A couple of days later the same thing happened again - massive blood clot blocking both lungs. Once I was stable after the second surgery I was moved out of the ICU and was in the hospital for almost three months.

I didn't find out until I had been discharged for a couple of weeks, but both blood clots were the largest any of the doctors had ever heard of and both occurrences brought me to the brink of dying. Even now, nobody is sure why the blood clots formed. My tests are all normal now and no evidence can be found that I ever had any clotting at all. I've still got some appointments over the next couple of months, so there will be another update later but in the meantime praise God with me for His care and providence.