Changing Habits.


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When my illness hit me, years ago, I knew one thing. I was dying, and my life on earth was
drawing to a close. I was going to meet the one who created me. The Lord.
But my wife prayed over me, and she brought our two children to the hospital to
lay hands on me, and pray for me also. I don't remember it, but they did. Others were asked to pray also,
including some whole churches. When I didn't die, but slowly recovered, I knew that only the Lord could
have brought me back.

After a couple months I got to come home again, and I prepared to go back to work.
One day I called my old friend, Tim, because I knew that he wanted to purchase
from me something that I had in my historical collection. I needed money because
I had been out of work ill, and I needed a dental operation to replace two of my teeth
with a bridge. He came, and he gave me enough to get that bridge, in exchange for the item from my collection.
We were both happy.

It was great to see Tim again, and I told him how I had barely survived my illness,
and about the bleeding that I had suffered for a time which had nearly shut down
my short term memory. He understood, and told me that his son had been in a terrible auto
accident, and had been badly hurt. Afterwards, as young people sometimes will do,
he had gotten himself royally drunk one day, and that had opened the door for him to receive brain seizures.
He advised me to stay away from drinking, so that I could perhaps avoid the worst of the brain seizures.
It felt to me like the good Lord was speaking to me through Tim.

Well, I took the advice, and since then (2002) I have had not so much as a taste of any liquor.
Also, I never had a seizure, and by 2007 I was back to where I needed to be again.
Thank you, Jesus! He does all things well! He restores our lives, and restores our souls.