Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: Coordination with Taliban a 'possibility'


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Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff: Coordination with Taliban a 'possibility'
Gen. Mark Milley says it is “possible” the US will seek to coordinate with the Taliban on counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Sep 02 , 2021
Mark Milley.

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Wednesday that it’s “possible” the United States will seek to coordinate with the Taliban on counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan against Islamic State jihadists or others. Speaking at a Pentagon news conference with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and quoted by The Associated Press, Milley called the Taliban “ruthless” and added, “Whether or not they change remains to be seen.” He suggested that the recent cooperative arrangement with the Taliban at Kabul airport was not necessarily a model for the future.

“In war you do what you must in order to reduce risk to mission and force, not what you necessarily want to do,” Milley said. Milley did not elaborate, and his comment did not appear to suggest immediate plans to work with the Taliban.


Andy C

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I really hate to make any negative US military comments, but this chairmen is by far the worst one ever, and least respected by the troops.

We all know where Milleys nose would end up if Biden suddenly stopped while walking in front of him. Here is a hint - Brown.o_O


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Raab of uk govt. has said they will not recognise taliban.

The UK will need to directly engage with the Taliban over priorities such as aiding potential evacuees to leave Afghanistan, Dominic Raab has said.
Speaking after talks in Qatar, the UK foreign secretary said it would not be recognising the militant group "any time in the foreseeable future".
But he said co-operation on border crossings was an "important first test" of its relationship with the West.
And he added the UK must "adjust to the new reality" after its rapid takeover.
At a press conference in Doha, Mr Raab said Qatar would be an "influential player" in exerting a moderating influence on the Taliban government.
The Gulf state has hosted the Taliban's political office for eight years, and is in talks with the group over reopening Kabul airport.


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I know most of you are in the same frame of thinking.......this is unbelievable......or is it?


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It is believable if you accept that we have gone through a portal into another universe and arrived at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party where the guests are singing to the tune of Harry Bellafonte's Banana Boat Song:

Hey Mister Taliban
Tally up my Humvees
Bad on gas but
Good parades.

All those guns
Are good in fights
You don't need
A Bill of Rights.

Please don't hurt us
And be kind
To those we lost
And left behind.

Pinky promise
You'll believe this too:
We have leverage
Over you.

I hope we weren't
Your uniforms
Look really good.

I hope that we
Can earn your trust
We'll fly a white flag
If we must.