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"Amidst a time of planetary change and disruption, we envision a recovery of our deep connection to each other and our world, led by Christian and other spiritual movements that are freeing leaders and communities to overcome dehumanizing systems of oppression and cooperate in the transforming work of Love."

In italics above is a direct c-n-p of their vision. What they state in following about their mission goes steeply and rapidly downhill from there. This should send up RED FLAGS for any follower of Jesus Christ.

They are undoubtedly a cult leaning heavily upon univeralism and pagan new age "doctrines".


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If you're talking about that place in New Mexico run by the Catholic priest Richard Rohr then avoid it because it's not Christian. It's ecumenical and mysticsm with a Jesus sticker slapped on it, so it leads many astray especially those who think anything that mentions Christ is Christian.


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The thing that struck me was "and other spiritual movements." That's when my hairs stand on end. The leveling of Christian belief as among many others lowers the ultimate absolute authority of Jesus right out of the conversation.


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Yep, enough red flags to warn me off without any hesitation. IF I were a betting man (which I most definitely am not), I would be willing to bet all that I own that their "Bible study" will be neither.