Censorship? Tech Problems? DOS Attack?


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The thing I notice on here is that I'll click a link for a post (an RF forum link to a post, not an external link) and often I see the browser try to load the page and it just gets stuck. I click it again and it usually loads the page.

I've not dug further into it. If I see it happening in other browsers I'll collect that data and send it to you, Chris.

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Well, it happened again tonight. Got kicked off the Internet while I was on RF about 11 p.m. locally. Couldn't get on the internet and stay connected until about midnight. The stress isn't doing my heart/recovery any good. :furious :rant :mad :wild [giant angry murder hornet/killer bee emoticon :bee

Another tech is coming out Monday morning. Considering what the cable company charges, they better get it right. If someone or something is accidentally interfering with the internet and/or phones, then he/she/it needs to stop. If it's on purpose or he/she/it won't stop, prosecution needs to happen :furious :rant :mad :wild [giant angry murder hornet/killer bee emoticon :bee