Celebratory Gunfire


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I hear it every year, celebratory gunfire especially on New Years Eve. I don't think they are necessarily celebrating anything, just looking for an excuse to fire a gun. It is especially dangerous with shots fired into the air, not only could the bullet come down and injure or kill someone, but the damage to property like putting a hole in someone's roof. Even if you fire at the ground you could hit a buried underground electric cable.. There are severe legal penalties where I live if your are caught. So, I say don't do it.


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I agree. I also believe that the majority of celebratory gunfire comes from people under the influence. Either alcohol or drugs. Most sober people would think twice about shooting a weapon in the air. Only the impaired would think it is a good idea.

Andy C

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Total irresponsibility for those who fire up in the air with no regards for where the bullets may fall. Same thing for those fools who launch illegal fireworks in the air, and cause many house fires when they fall back down still flaming on the 4th of July.


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Pretty reckless? I'm going with "pretty stupid!!"
Wouldn't it be ironic if somebody shot up in the air, and the round hit him when it came back down?

We had a bullet come flying into my workplace on one New Year's Eve night and shatter a light bulb. Luckily no one was shot. Those bullets got to come down somewhere.
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