Cattlemen are being told to shut up


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Here on RR news site, check out the news article that will take you to a YouTube video with a young rancher telling the truth about how cattle ranchers are being told to shut up about what’s happening in their industry.

He points out an organization called the NCBA , National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, who are the driving force behind telling our beef farmers what they can and cannot say, do, etc.

Farmers are some of the hardest working people in the world! We need to pray for them. Lot’s of them, due to Joe’s monkeying around to go with the elitists plans to make us all one government, devaluing our dollar, hiking up gas prices, especially by shutting our pipelines down and destroying those of other countrie, etc., have had to stop farming after generations of knowing nothing else.

I grew up on a farm and I am familiar with the heartaches and losses due to weather, natural disasters and market disasters. Imagine trying to survive all this along with a government that’s an enemy to them!

Lord, I pray for our leaders, and for our farmers along with those who are trying to make a living but are being affected by our government. Lord, protect us from our leaders. We know that You place them in power to accomplish Your perfect will. Even so, Lord, I pray for a hedge of protection around Your people, our country, the unborn and those newly born who are in jeopardy of losing their lives, our Pastors and Churches. Thank You for loving us first before we loved You and thank You for the cross!