Canadian civil rights org fires back at Justin Trudeau over decision to invoke Emergencies Act: 'Threatens our democracy'

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George and I were just talking last night about how Jack would NEVER have stood for such a thing. We never vote NDP but we did love Jack as a true and loyal Canadian. That is 100% why the NDP gained so much ground. Now Singh just showed us all where his loyalties lie and it isn't his voter base or Canada and he is unfit to lead anything. I hope he loses every last seat.

Hopefully this will just give more time for the Conservatives under Bergen and Poilievre to reload. Praying. Because she is just interim leader of the Conservatives it's hard for her to do as much, but Pierre Poilievre who cast his hat into the ring on Feb 5 for leader, is showing some promise and between them both maybe something can be done. Praying so but trusting in God for the outcomes, His will not mine.

Pierre's site has a petition going to end the Emergency Act-- I just signed.
Singh is on the list of World Economic Forum "young leaders". He is a globalist.

Poilievre is a true Canadian and so is Bergen but she has been hemmed in, as the Liberals take advantage of PC weakness at the moment. Poilievre needs to be the next leader of the PCs as the party rebuilds its strength along with Bergen. At the moment, the Liberals dominate the media and they are repeating a great many lies. Even some who claim to be PC are either a) ignorant of the facts or b) part of the Liberal dominated establishment.


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One more thing to look up is Lorne Elliot "I Like You". I first heard it on the CBC radio years and years ago in the car with my mom. We had laughed so hard the tears were running down our face. It's a comedy song but there's no naughty words or bits.