“Can These Bones Live?”—Holocaust Lessons from Le Chambon


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This is a really moving presentation by Dr Paul Wilkinson (protege of Thomas Ice) of how a small community of Christians peacefully opposed the Nazi regime in France by providing refuge for Jews.

The video includes Q&A towards the end. It is also available as text or audio at the link given.

My favourite story, of many, is when a Salvation Army gentleman declared out loud "long live Jesus Christ" to the German officer that was praising Hitler.


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The French gave up around 75,000 French Jews to Nazi death camps. So French hands are also bloody and dirty in the Holocaust.

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Some of the most moving moments in my life were while listening to a recording of Holocaust survivors singing, Hatikvah, after finally disembarking from the ship carrying them to the newly recreated nation of Israel. Broken physically, their souls and spirits shine in their gratitude to Ha Shem for bringing them home at last. There were approximately 250,000 Jewish believers in Yeshua throughout Europe before WWII. All but a handful perished in the concentration camps. Those few survivors made their way to Israel and now, today, there are believed to be at least 250,000 Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua in Israel. Satan did his absolute worst to try to devastate the Jewish people, but, they are a very special people--precious to Ha Shem.

If you want to hear Hatikvah--there is a beautiful rendering of Hatikvah by Marty Goetz--a wonderful Messianic Jew. It was performed in front of a live audience in Jerusalem. That is his daughter, Misha, singing with him. I tried to post the link but was unable to do so. You can look it up on YouTube. Guaranteed to make you cry.
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