California Law to Track Race, Sexual Interests of Business Owners


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California Law to Track Race, Sexual Interests of Business Owners
This isn’t creepy at all.
By Daniel Greenfield

This isn’t creepy at all. It’s just the perpetual one-part Kafka, one-part Orwell, and three parts identity politics panopticon that critical race theory claims is the only way to the unachievable goal of true social justice.

I was talking to Wayne Allyn Root earlier on Frank TV about the total weaponization of government. This is another example of that. The Left is constantly exploring new ways to totally weaponize the government. It never misses an opportunity, an angle, or an option to add another brick to its new Berlin Wall for America.

Here’s another example of that.

“SB 54 passed the state Senate with a vote of 32-8; next, it will go to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. The bill requires venture capital firms operating in California to report the diversity breakdown of the founders they fund to the state; this includes reporting on the gender and ethnic and racial background of the founders, in addition to the dollar amount given to them.”

The bill orders the disclosure of the “gender identity of each member of the founding team”, their race, ethnicity, LGBTQ status etc…and ominously, “any member of the founding team declined to provide any of the information described in clauses”.

Refuse to disclose and you’ll pay the price. You and your little dog too.

The obvious goal here is to pressure VCs to force the companies they fund to collect detailed information about the founders, and to push founders to include ‘tokens’ who are just there to pad out diversity stats.

There will be no shortage of Asians, Indians, and gay people on these lists, but that’s not diverse enough. And so we’ve had the spectacle of Silicon Valley firms being told that they’re not diverse when 40% of their employees are Asians or Indians.

Should the government be aggressively tracking the sexual interests of tech company founders, California’s identity politics Dems believe that they should.