California Inclusion Student Senator blasted for 'kill' zionists tweet:


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A student diversity and inclusion senator at the University of Southern California tweeted, "I want to kill every motherf--king zionist" in May, along with several other opinions that are being considered anti-Semitic.

- It should be noted that the "blasting this student diversity and inclusion senator" received was not from the school leadership even though many students and faculty have called for a rebuke of her comments.

"Death to Israel and its b--ch the US,"
"If you are not for the complete destruction of Israel and the occupation forces then you’re anti-Palestinian,"
"Zionists are going to f--king pay,"
"I still don't feel any pressure to change any stances or apologize for anything at all,"

I agree with this line, "The absence of explicit condemnation amounts to tacit endorsement."