California Electric Bills Will Be Based On How Much You Earn

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
When I moved and bought my new house in 2016, I had the option for solar panels to be installed at no cost.
I'm on a lease plan. Whatever electricity I don't use is transferred to SoCalEdison and my account gets credited.
I pay $114 per month on my lease, and a monthly service charge of about $5 to Edison. Right now, I am sitting with
a credit balance of $175 with Edison. My neighbors who do not have the solar are paying upwards of $600 a month
during the summer when they are running their A/C twenty-four/seven. (It's HOT here in the summer). Now that prices
are going up for electricity, I'm praying it won't affect me financially too much.........we'll see.

What they pay/credit you should go up per KWH just like price per KWH charged and paid. You might actually come out ahead if your electricity usage stays about the same, and maybe even a little extra beyond if you can find any way to reduce usage (within reason).

Here, some people that have that kind of arrangement never pay an electric bill and see their credit go up every month. There's an app that someone I know can watch electric generated go to the electric company, charge her storage battery, battery level, any usage charged, etc.

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