CA Pleads for Drivers to Stop Charging Electric Cars, Save Energy Right After Banning Gas Vehicles


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You really can't make it up.

My friends have an electric car. They also have solar all over the roof and are mostly able to run the car from the energy they get from their panels.


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You can't make this insanity up. :doh Newsom just signed an executive order to increase CA's electricity supply because they're about to get a major heatwave in the triple digits. Mind you, this is right after he and the CA legislature decided to ban all gas vehicles by 2035. Because there's the very real possibility that this coming heatwave is going to lead to blackouts, the state is calling for consumer conservation between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. As of Feb. 2022, CA was reporting they had just over 1 million electric cars in the state, bragging they had more than any other state. PG&E just recently admitted that they don't have the ability to charge the multiple millions of electric cars that CA will have by 2035. They don't have the infrastructure right now to charge the electric cars and provide electricity to their consumers otherwise they wouldn't be planning for blackouts and saying to conserve electricity, which includes not charging electric cars. Yet again, Demonrats are not able to take a thought to its logical conclusion ~ which is: if you don't already have the infrastructure set up to support electric cars, you're not going to be able to charge those cars, so it's not a smart thing to ban gas vehicles.
Yeah, but if Newsome ran for president, how many of them would vote for him?