Burma 'Orders Christians To Be Wiped Out'


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By Peter Pattisson in Kayin State, southern Burma, Sunday Telegraph

The military regime in Burma is intent on wiping out Christianity in the country, according to claims in a secret document believed to have been leaked from a government ministry. Entitled "Programme to destroy the Christian religion in Burma", the incendiary memo contains point by point instructions on how to drive Christians out of the state.

The text, which opens with the line "There shall be no home where the Christian religion is practised", calls for anyone caught evangelising to be imprisoned. It advises: "The Christian religion is very gentle – identify and utilise its weakness."

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I read a book about a Missionary Adoniram Judson who went to Burma and wrote a dictionary in Burmese. It was almost unbelieveable what he and his wife went through. She did die. Those men gave all to bring the Gospel to far away people.