Bulgaria shuts down nuclear reactors ahead of EU entry


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Bulgaria shuts down nuclear reactors ahead of EU entry

KOZLODUY, Bulgaria, Dec 31 (AFP) Dec 31, 2006
Bulgaria on Sunday closed down two reactors at its sole nuclear power plant, meeting safety concerns ahead of its midnight entry into the European Union but sacrificing lucrative energy exports.
The decision to close the reactors at Kozloduy in the northwest of the country, was taken reluctantly but was part of the price of entry to the EU which, with the New Year's Day arrival of Romania and Bulgaria, will grow to 27 members.

Reactors three and four, each with a capacity of 440 megawatts (MW), were both taken off Bulgaria's energy grid by 9:49pm (1949 GMT). Reporters had earlier watched as Mityo Hristozov, director of the central operations directorate of the national electric company, ordered the shutdown process to begin -- not without a touch of bitterness.



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