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Nicola Sturgeon says she won't pretend that every single person who voted SNP necessarily supports independence. But she will insist this result is a thumping endorsement of her demand for a second referendum.
She will make an official request in the next few days to be granted the legal power to hold an independence vote.
And we know that Boris Johnson will refuse, sparking a huge debate about whether the Conservatives are ignoring the democratic choice of Scottish voters.
It's a debate that can only escalate as we leave the EU - and one which may fuel support for independence itself.

The SNP leader said it was time for Mr Johnson "to start listening" to voters in Scotland.
She added: "I accept, regretfully, that he has a mandate for Brexit in England - but he has no mandate whatsoever to take Scotland out of the EU."
The Scottish government will next week publish a "detailed, democratic case" for letting Holyrood decide on whether there should be a second independence referendum, said Ms Sturgeon.
However, interim Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said: "We are not going to support a request for a second independence referendum and I don't believe the prime minister will either.
"We are going to stand by the people who voted for us last night and the two million people who voted no in 2014."

I had hoped that she would lose her seat, but wasnt meant to be. sigh


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Nichola Sturgeon is a MSP not a MP.

She was not contesting the election last night, the first minister's of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not sit at Westminster, they head up the devolved administrations in their home countries.
Oh I see TheRedeemed ignorant of that, wondered why I saw msp along side their name, many thanks for enlightening me.


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Wow, so happy for all Great Britain. We have been praying for this and God answered our prayers. Thank you, Lord, You have proven You are sovereign above all. I believe this is part of the final hurrah of the Church before we leave this world. Praying for all who have won a seat, that they will be faithful in fulfilling their job as duly elected MPs.
Yes, Thank You Lord for answering our prayers. :amen

Thanks to all who prayed for this. :thankyou


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So I'm reminded of Isaiah 60:9 where it says this: NKJV

Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me;
And the ships of Tarshish will come first,
To bring your sons from afar,

Their silver and their gold with them,
To the name of the Lord your God,
And to the Holy One of Israel,
Because He has glorified you.

I've been waiting to see movement on the Brexit front, I've always thought Britain is Tarshish.

Recently I was reminded of this passage-- it's referring to Israel coming back to her land-- the context is the final return of Israel into her land and looks on to the Millennial Reign of Christ.

But this verse is a prophecy that BRITAIN fulfilled. NOT SPAIN. British ships, were the ones bringing the refugees out of the ashes of Europe and Hitler's gas ovens to their homeland to finally fulfill the return of the nation of Israel.

I am surer now more than ever that Britain must be separated from the sticky tendrils of the EU in order to stand with her Daughter Democracies and question Russia and her allies as they invade Israel in Ez 38:13.

The news of last night's win by Boris Johnson emphasizes that Mr Corbyn has no future role at this time in history with his anti Semitic views and his Israel hatred. Mr Corbyn's Britain would cheer Ez 38 on, not questioning any part of Russia's plans.

But surprise surprise, INSTEAD OF THE GLOBALIST DREAM we have a Britain that is cutting ties with the EU and potentially very friendly to Israel.

Britain MUST act as a sovereign nation, AND even though the question she and her daughters pose (along with Sheba and Dedan!) is still very weak, it is still standing up against the Russian alliance.

The next things we should see is growing Russian strength. The fact that the Western Democracies, Saudi Arabia (WITH YEMEN) are the only voices in any kind of protest tells us that the rest of the world, including whatever the EU turns into next, are too weak, too terrified of Russia and her allies to lift up ANY voice at all.

In the case of the EU we already see that they are dependent on Russian gas and oil, and that threat is enough to bring them into line even now.

I'm thinking YEMEN will lose to Saudi Arabia in some fashion in the next while, and be folded back into alliance with the Saudis instead of Iran in order for Sheba to speak with Dedan.

This is reminding me a LOT of the win by Trump! Globalism LOST and the prophetic clock seemed to be ticking louder and faster ever since.

I'm looking up!


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My siblings are already in the UK working as nurses. My brother came in February of this year and my sister followed suit in October. I explained to them that although the conservatives seem to be anti-immigrants, that is really not the case. They're just against unregulated immigration that allows everyone in and doesn't filter those that don't share Western values. And from what I've read, BoJo will be a bit stricter on those under unskilled visas, and that since they are nurses anyway, they need not have to worry. In fact BoJo acknowledged yesterday the need for more nurses, so they are secure in the fact that their profession is one that adds value in the UK.

Hopefully my sister passes her exams this month and she'll be eligible to bring her family in. I have 2 very young nephews whom I'd love to see grow up in a Western country. They first started out in Qatar, but my brother-in-law had issues because his company had financial woes, so when he got an offer to work in Laos, he grabbed the opportunity. Now, hopefully, the whole family can get settled in the UK for good. I would love to visit them and tour the UK late this year or early next year.
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I am surer now more than ever that Britain must be separated from the sticky tendrils of the EU in order to stand with her Daughter Democracies and question Russia and her allies as they invade Israel in Ez 38:13.
Indeed, God's Word proves to be very accurate. I thought Tarshish is just this vague allusion to Europe in general, but it becomes clear that Tarshish is Britain, one of the cradles of modern democracies.


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Thanks hhidden for what you said, your correct in what you say. We do need the nurse's, just out of curiosity I'm a retired rmn what type of nurse is your relative.
My brother I think is in cardio and works in an NHS hospital, and my sister is with a different agency and works in a nursing home. She's been complaining that she's not getting enough time for her OSCE review and gets home very tired to review on her own. lol


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Please give them my best, and hope everything goes well for them.
Thanks, daygo. They've been encouraging me to find a way to migrate as well, I'm thinking of enrolling in a CIPS course as I have been in procurement for years now and I hear a CIPS certification with solid experience could potentially land you a job in the UK, NZ, Australia or the US. I don't know, it seems it's going to take up much of my time, so I guess we'll see about that.