Breonna Taylor protester threatens to 'knock out' Florida diner


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Protesters once again targeted outdoor diners

Protesters inflamed by the decision not to charge cops for Breonna Taylor’s death took their anger out on a couple dining in Florida -- gatecrashing their table and threatening to knock the man the “f--k out.”

A man clutching a skateboard was filmed by a Tampa Bay Times reporter as he strolled up and sat with the couple at their outdoor table as dozens chanted at the edge of the St. Petersburg restaurant.

“No! This is my table,” the female diner told him, trying to push him from the chair -- only to have three other protesters stroll over and join them.

The male diner hugged his wife as she said she was calling the police -- as the initial dinner-crasher and another woman started hurling abuse.

“I ought to knock your old-ass boyfriend the f--k out,” the man threatened, as he derided the woman as a “wild Karen in her natural f--king habitat.”

The threatened man was filmed smiling in bemusement, as more protesters appeared to gather around the table -- including one continually blowing a horn. The video quickly went viral, getting more than 1.8 million views on Twitter in less than 12 hours.

Reporter Josh Fiallo, who filmed the clip, said some diners had “yelled back” at protesters, “starting multiple confrontations,” but he was not sure why the couple filmed were targeted.

The unidentified initial gatecrasher appeared to be the same man Fiallo filmed walking across a car that was surrounded and attacked with skateboards and signs. “F--k you, c--t!” one shouted as the car drove off.

The tactic of browbeating outdoor diners has also been used in other cities across the country, caught in viral videos in Washington, DC, and Pittsburgh, where three were recently charged.

In many, diners are screamed at if they refuse to raise a fist in support of BLM, with mobs screaming that “white silence is violence.”