Breaking News "Happy New Year RF!"


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We didn't celebrate comes with old age I think.
My husband and I had our honeymoon over New Years all those years ago and I distinctly remember falling asleep in the middle of the countdown. I was in my mid 20s so age isn't everything. Our hotel wasn't far from the fireworks display so I know I had fallen asleep because I remember hearing 10 and 9 and then BOOM!!! Freaked me out.


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alisani, Were you on RR and if so what was your avatar name.?I don't remember seeing alisani name on there? I recognize people on RF because they used the same name on RR. I was an active member there from 2009-2013 which is when I became active on RF. The reason I switched here is because I was seeing better topics, and interaction with the people. I also liked being able to give likes get likes, and a record of your post count. SidneySpider comes to read because she was on here last night. I have noticed SonSeeker not on here lately. I hope he hasn't dropped fellowship with us.
I was aquamarinebug, same era!


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People who I notice are MIA
billiefan2000 pretty sure that was his username at RR
Cricket55 she prayed for my kids and unsaved family every day on RR
Almost Heaven

I used same username at RR but posted mainly in prayer threads, I was reading all the salvation and prophecy material soaking it up like a sponge for 2-3 years