BREAKING: Educators Note Disturbing Rash of Brutal Schoolyard Fights Over 'Yo' Birthing Person' Jokes

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U.S. – Educators across the United States have noted a troubling trend in schools that have recently reopened after being shut down due to COVID-19. As students return to physical learning, a disturbing number of them have engaged in physical altercation after exchanging a rather bizarre type of insult.

In Orlando, FL, two 6th grade boys resorted to fisticuffs after one of them told the other: “Yo’ birthing person so ugly she went into a haunted house and came out with a job application.”
The two boys pummeled each other for 20 minutes before the teacher decided it was time to break them up. Neither child sustained serious injuries.

At an Iowa high school, four students were suspended after participating in a fistfight over these new “yo’ birthing person” jokes. This particular kerfuffle erupted after a teenage girl told another student that her “birthing person was so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck.”
While most of these altercations have rarely involved more than five students at a time, a high school in New Mexico was forced to shut down after a riot broke out during Fifth Period, when one student told a teacher’s aid that his “birthing person was so stupid, she failed a COVID test.”

Students overturned desks, threw textbooks, and raided the cafeteria as teachers helplessly stood by and watched the pandemonium. This novel version of the “dirty dozens” seems to have swept the nation at an alarming clip. Administrators are struggling to develop a solution. “After that Cori Bush lady used the term ‘birthing people’ to describe individuals with the ability to give birth, these kids have gone wild,” said Herman Quinn, principal of Karl Marx High School in California. “While we want children to express themselves, I’m not sure this is healthy.”

The issue has raised concerns among educators about reopening schools. Mindy Lane, a spokesperson for the Chicago Teachers Union said: “The new waves of fistfights are a danger to everyone, especially those of us who are trying to keep safe from COVID-19 and wayward fists.”

A Los Angeles-based teacher expressed similar concerns. “Everyone is talking about reopening the schools. But we didn’t sign up for breaking up fights or correcting misbehavior.”
The term “birthing person” has become popular among progressive leaders seeking to empower mothers by diminishing the concept of motherhood. Unfortunately, an unanticipated consequence has presented itself in adolescents who are using the term to demean fellow students and their birthing persons.
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A "birthing person" defined:

using inclusive language like “birthing person” instead of assuming that any person preparing to give birth identifies as “mother” because many don’t, such as transgender men, some non-binary people, and surrogates. It means removing all assumptions. Asking for a person’s preferred pronouns instead of assuming. Offering inclusive support goes beyond just saying “birthing person”. It also means asking if they have a partner and, if they do, not assuming anything about the relationship (for example, not assuming that it’s a heterosexual relationship). I

Bottom line using the term birthing person removes identity from a person for the sake of "inclusiveness " leaning toward protecting the self made identity of CHOICE for each person. While it leaves the rest of us as bigots for not agreeing with the new acceptance of culture that is unfounded in biological evidence that proves otherwise from the blueprint of human creation of God
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