Breaking: China stabs Biden In The Back After He Gave Them Intel On Russia Invasion Plans

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BREAKING: China Stabs Biden In The Back Right After He Gave Them Intel On Russia Invasion Plans
By David Rufful
February 27, 2022

The weak and incompetent Biden administration was quickly stabbed in the back by China after Biden handed over intelligence on Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Biden hoped to improve U.S.-China relations. The White House believed that China and the U.S. could join closer together to fight the Russian troop buildup around Ukraine, which poses a serious threat to both nations.

Biden was wrong. Instead, China “rebuffed the Americans” and shared the information with Moscow,” according to reports. China sided with Russia and argued that the U.S. was “trying to sow discord.” Chinese officials reiterated Russia’s big lie for them by claiming an invasion was not in the works. The Biden administration hoped China would join our efforts to fight back and impose tough sanctions.


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I know Biden isn’t even aware of where he is half the time (or more), so assuming we are under Obama’s 3rd term, what is the intended outcome here? I know the military brass Obama put in and all the other war mongers, like “Songbird’s” daughter,, have an agenda, but to what end?
Even without a lick of Bible knowledge, surely they know it’s still about mutually assured destruction???

Truly a poster child for completely reprobate and “given over”. :apostasy :apostasy