Brazil President Candidate Stabbed

John Romans

Saved by Grace through Faith
Its sickening how far the left will go to attack conservatives.
JUIZ DE FORA, Brazil (Reuters) - The leading candidate in Brazil’s presidential election is in serious but stable condition after being stabbed by an assailant at a campaign rally on Thursday, doctors said, pushing an already chaotic campaign into further disarray.

Far-right firebrand Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, a controversial figure who has enraged many Brazilians for years with divisive comments, but has a devout following among conservative voters, could take two months to fully recover and will spend at least a week in the hospital, said Dr. Luiz Henrique Borsato, who operated on the candidate.

“His internal wounds were grave and put the patient’s life at risk,” Borsato said, adding that a serious challenge now would be preventing an infection that could be caused by the perforation of Bolsonaro’s intestines.

The attack on Bolsonaro, 63, is a dramatic twist in what was already Brazil’s most unpredictable election since the country’s return to democracy three decades ago. Corruption investigations have jailed scores of powerful businessmen and politicians in recent years, and alienated infuriated voters.
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John Romans

Saved by Grace through Faith
How does a dictator-wannabe get labeled a "conservative"? In South America they know that it is easier to stop a dictator from getting power than to get them out of power once they are in. That's why Kavenaugh must not be confirmed.
Yeah i just chose to share this news because it just shows how wicked the world is and how they will do anything to further their evil agenda