Boy Scouts going Belly Up! (I wonder why?)


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I am an Eagle Scout. It is traditional to say "am" instead of "was" to stress the permanence of the honor. Many returned their Eagle medals when homosexuals were allowed to become adult Scout leaders. I still have mine put up somewhere.
The twelve items in the Scout Law begin with "Trustworthy". The guidance was intended for the boys. Who now guides the adult leaders?
It has long been apparent that tradition can no longer be regarded as a permanent value, regardless of the institution. On this site we know the church is the most significant institution, and the one whose deterioration impacts all others.
I am ashamed, and I am proud. I am an Eagle Scout.
Today I soar with wings of eagles as in Isaiah 40:31. And I await the One who will arise with healing in his wings as in Malachi 4:2.
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I'm just going to put it out there ~ homosexuals destroyed the Boy Scouts organization on two fronts. First, it was homosexuals who abused these boys who later sued the BSA. Second, it was the homosexuals (and their LMNOP co-horts) who sued the BSA to allow them into the organization, thus forcing Christians to rightly no longer allow their sons to participate in the group. And this may have been what the LMNOP perverts wanted all along, to destroy yet another organization that a lot of Christians participated in. :furious
I think you're right. They want to break down the institutions that have been here all along. Every institution, in some way, is from the heterosexual populace. So they either want them to cave or be destroyed. I started saying years ago that they want an anything-goes society.


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This is an old story and a microcosm of our times: those committed to the world are aggressively pushing their agenda while those committed to serving the Creator tend to be passive in the face of such things. And the result is that even though good men outnumber evil men, the world overwhelms and crushes our national faith in God. What happened to the Boy Scouts is happening to America right before our eyes, and it's happening because too many good men would rather cower before the liberal thought police than speak up in defense of their Christian faith, even though that faith has so much to do with America being a great nation and good place to live.

Bringing homosexuals into the Boy Scouts was part of a much bigger plan to normalize homosexuality. Since so much of that plan has already been carried out it was only a matter of time before the Boy Scouts was overwhelmed and made to submit to the world. In time even speaking God's truth about homosexuality will be outlawed as an expression of thoughtcrime; groundwork is already being laid for this.

As has been noted, the Girls Scouts caved to the world a long time ago. As I understand it the Girls Scouts supports feminist ideology (which is pro-liberal, not pro-woman), and even supports abortion (it claims not to but if you look at its fruits instead of listening to its words that lie is easily seen through). I would not want a child of mine being part of that indoctrination machine. But I'm curious, as PC as the Girl Scouts are, could a man who self-identifies as a young girl join the girl Scouts and go on campouts and share a tent with other girl scouts?
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It is too bad that children don't have an organization that isn't going along with the lgbt movements agenda. This world wants to twist the normal into abnormal :puke to brainwash our children and grandchildren. This world calls evil good, and good evil. :goodbad
Trail life is the new boy scouts. Our scout troops here abandoned boy scouts and joined trail life. Its everything the scouts were. Even the guy that wrote the scout books wrote trail lifes.


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They've been selling in front of Walmart over here.
They have stands set up at both doors of the Walmart where I live too. I just wonder if Walmart would allow them to do that if the Girl Scouts stood up for Christian values instead of liberal dogma. I wonder if they'd let a church charity sell cookies in front of their stores, if the church was one that taught God's word instead of the bastardized version of it liberals like. (I'm not saying they wouldn't; I'm just curious about if they would.)

When I'm going into the store and one comes up to me and asks me if I want to buy a box of cookies it has occured to me to say no thank you; I stopped buying them when the Girl scouts became part of the satanic cult called liberalism. But I don't because all it'd do is hurt the kid's feelings. So I just smile and say no thanks.