Boxing fans?


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Boxes has always been one of my favorite sporting events. If you could see any two boxers, from any era, go at it, who would it be? Everyone in their primes of course.

I would like to an Ali vs. Louis match-up. Maybe a Frazier vs. Foreman or Tyson when Frazier wasn't already way over the hill.

I think Ali was the greatest, but styles make fights.....


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Ali won the first in 7 rounds, then knocked him out in round 1 of the second fight. I dont think Liston wanted a third match.

Liston disappeared, so difficult to ask him. Many think the Mafia ordered him killed after that loss. :(

Tyson had trouble against taller opponents, and as great as he was, i think Ali, Louis, Frazier, Liston and Foreman (in their prime) would have all knocked him out. Fear was how he won many of his fights and none of the guys would have feared him. People forget Liston was a beast prior to Ali.

Andy C

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I have not followed boxing for many years. Growing up as a teenager, I closely followed my favorite fighters, especially Ali. I still have the entire sports section from the Frazier vs Ali fights in 1971+1972.

Its funny to look on the back of the sports pages to look at adds for new cars at a price of 2000 dollars.

Spartan Sprinter 1

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Earnie Shavers v George Foreman, 2 very powerful punchers going toe to toe in a war.

In a lower division, I would like to see a prime Sugar Ray Leonard vs a Prime Floyd Mayweather Jr


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The late 60's into the 80's was a great time to be a boxing fan and all fights were all public broadcasts. No pay per view. We watched all of the big fights for titles and for positions to qualify for titles. I can't stand boxing as it exists today.