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I Shall Not Be Moved
Someone” I know very well refuses to do the pronoun insanity, so he may be “retiring“ soon ?
Who ever thought the world would come to this? Being fired for speaking obvious irrefutable truth. I can't imagine what the Founding Father's or generations of people going back to Adam would think of this insanity.

I sometimes imagine scenarios....what if a boy in Biblical times decided he was a woman. I feel sure they had cross dressers since the Bible mentions it. He would probably be stoned.

From what I have read, cross dressing and homosexuality was acceptable in the Roman/Greek times.

What about in dark and middle ages? I am sure Puritans would not allow it.

Up until maybe 20 years (really accelerated in the past 10?) was taboo. Such a sad thing to be so widely accepted in today's society.
People seem to have no Fear of God...therefore, no wisdom.