Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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I'm having an Atkins shirimp with broccoli and lots of garlic.
I need to locate some of that in our frozen food case in a supermarket near me!

Well the computer is finally working and behaving for me too, not just George (that is a thing around here). It loves him, me not so much.

And George quickly pulled a pack of strip loin steaks from our fridge freezer before I woke up, to forestall any further healthy foods. I whimpered Chicken??? and he said NOPE the steaks were ALREADY THAWING!

So steak it is, probably to erase the memory of my victory with the fish! :lol


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Good day for soup as it was -4* at 6am and the high might be 15* so making a pot of vegetable beef barley soup, and I am finishing lunch now, my second bowl of Ramen, I am chilled so I had 2 bowls, the second bowl I threw an egg in it, yum!


I need to do some cleaning and vacuuming so something easy is good for me
Same here, doing laundry, a little cleaning and starting to put away my winter clothes and getting out more of the spring/summer things.

Supper tonight will be pretty much a rerun of last night with the leftovers but I will likely have some chicken and sliced tomatoes also rather than another Atkins meal. There is sweet potato pie for dh.


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Leftover cold sliced beef steaks and whatever veggie lands out of the crisper.

My asthma has kicked up today, I've gone back onto my big gun inhaler plus the ventolin. Annoying.

But we are having a fun day none the less. George took me to the mall for an indoor walk which was nice.

And tomorrow we are going to go thru the car wash together at Esso because they have a buy one, get a free car wash coupon deal going right now.

Odd how the definition of a great Valentines date with the mate changes over the decades. A great wash and wax, and a shiny clean car works for me.


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Pulled a lazy again today….. on the way home from the lab and giving blood, etc. Stopped at my favorite Chinese Restaurant. Got a combination order of chicken chow mien, deep fried prawns, sweet and sour pork, and started off with a delicious large egg roll.... they make the crispiest egg rolls I have ever eaten. My eyes are bigger than my belly.... lol …. will have enough for a couple more meals.... but oh so good.