Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Take out Gyro. The place I go to is awesome. But, and this isn't a complaint, their Gyros are far too big for any one man to eat (at least not this man). And generally, I don't like leftovers.

Sidney, my dog, will be in heaven tomorrow.

Wait, that came out wrong... Sidney will be fine, but she will be having a heavenly addition to her normal food. She, hopefully, will still be alive.


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Glad Sidney will be around to enjoy his meal!

Gonna try to stuff some pork loin chops but I may just bread and bake them. I don't want to cut myself even tho I have a nice filleting type knife.
Green beans and rice pilaf. Oh and Mike loved his Valentine Pie :inlove It is just as delicious as it is pretty
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Well the computer came home yesterday afternoon. But George is still working hard to get it to behave itself. Consequently I am still on my cell phone dictating strange things to Siri who is misunderstanding a lot of what I say. Susan I got a real chuckle out of her not understanding your accent. She doesn’t always understand mine either.

Dinner is the fish that George has been so carefully avoiding the last little while.


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Ok TT, I give up.... what is that?
Ok, curiosity killed the cat... I just had to look it up.... sounds like a very yummy pasta dish...

Tonight made me baked butterflied prawns with Thai sweet chili dipping sauce.... a small baked potato with lots of butter, s/p. Was gonna have creamed corn with it, but didn't have any room after all that.
If you hadn't asked, I was going to!


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Bible study again tonight, so I'm guessing we will make a quick stop on the way at Panda Express for a bite.
Every week someone brings a dessert snack to the study, so we're always surprised with whatever we get. It's
usually cookies or cupcakes of some kind...............


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Been craving fish and chips for awhile... so after being house bound for 4 days, did my running around and stopped at C-lovers on the way home and got me an order of fish and chips, cole slaw and tartar sauce. Enough left over for tomorrow. Patsy even got a few pieces of the fish.


I want the pasta, but if nobody claims the chicken salad, then I'll be eating a sandwich...
I will gladly eat the chicken salad for you but not in a sandwich, just on some fresh lettuce. Love chicken salad!!!
Tonight dh is having mac and cheese, baked chicken and sliced tomatoes. Vanilla pudding for dessert. I'm having an Atkins shirimp with broccoli and lots of garlic.