Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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Bron informed me yesterday of National Pie Day today so I'll be making an old-fashion Chocolate Pie with meringue. I mean old fashioned because not flour is used, only egg yolks to thicken it. It is a good old southern delicious pie.
For dinner, hopefully I can make stuffed bell peppers and probably cream corn and corn muffins


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Patsy and I drove to the Cancer Clinic this afternoon and gave the lady there 20 pairs of slippers crocheted with 2 yarns, so will wear good. The lady there was happy to get them, but they don't want any more hats, guess a lot of people do hats, but not so many slippers.... so will continue doing slippers. Thru the holidays, family and a few friends came and got themselves slippers and three hats went too. So, now my coffee table looks almost bare. Have to get busy and fill it up again.
Picked up 3 pieces of chicken at KFC on the way home. Patsy kept smelling them on the way home. :cliff :ahaha
Patsy and I finished off 2 pieces and think the last piece will go in some chicken fried rice I will make later.
Nice and warm out today around 40* f. Snow melting too fast... still have about a foot of snow in our yards, not good, areas flooding with huge puddles. Roads are nice and clear ... just like I like

Andy C

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It must be a man thing to really love those hot dogs. We have always gotten Sahlen's but they are not as available around here. If I can't find Sahlen's I will buy Boar's Head or Hebrew National.
Not this man. Its rare for me to even look at a hot dog. My wife loves them on occassion. In our former town in NC, the Lowes Store always had a vendor outside the store selling hot dogs. I think those hot dogs cost us a lot of money because she always seemd to need something from Lowes....


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I lost my nerve, ya see my Mom made chocolate pie without using flour just 6 egg yolks. Soooooo many times I've tried and failed so I think I'll use a little flour to make sure it thickens.
I've already made my pastry and it is baking for about 10 minutes
When a chocolate pie is made the right way it is one of the best pies out there, IMO, and I can eat a lot of it. But it hasn't been my favorite pie because I rarely find that right mix.