Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

Andy C

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I made myself a cheese omelette with a toasted bagel.

Connie and her nieces and nephews spent 7 hours baking Christmas cookies in our house today. 100s of cookies made, and my willpower held, not even a small bite by me. They made chocolate peanut butter balls, sugar cookies, Christmas crack, sugar wafers, cookies and cream,....and others.

Connie is now down for the count for the rest of the night.

Best part of today - Navy beat Army in the football game today!


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Was invited to oldest son Dennis's for supper.... his dear wife made baked beans... she said with my recipe... and she also made cornmeal muffins which she said was also my asked her if she was trying to get on my good side... we both laughed... then she brought out my Christmas present... she knows I love canned peaches.,... and do some of my own... but she gave me 6 more for my collection... I love canned peaches... I am very blessed to have a daughter in law like her... my son isn't too bad either... lol


Did not feel at all well last night and had a cup of chicken soup. Dh wanted microwave popcorn and that was fine with me. Easy and I went to bed shortly thereafter. I am going to make a casserole with chicken and a jar of sauce over pasta for him to have for supper but will make it this morning and microwave it later. Am very tired of this flu. Not sure what I will eat and don't really care.


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Kem keeping you in prayer. Bro Adrian and Andrea have it too.

We'l have something easy as well... probably blt's and soup. Both of us were up most of the night. Our kitty Dewey had a huge seizure last night around 1 and we stayed with him and comforted him all we could. He seems ok today but is very subdued for the normally live-wired cat he is.
Anyway, Mike and I are zapped today so easy does it;)

Tall Timbers

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Thing about a soft taco is you can load it up with just about anything/everything. Or even use a larger tortilla. :D
Hmmm, a taco made from a 14" burrito tortilla... interesting thought. I bet you could only eat one! I use white corn tortillas, fry them and shape them into the traditional taco shape. The filling is ground beef with my secret homemade taco seasoning, refritos, onions, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, diced tomatoes, and plenty of fresh cilantro. I then add ample habanero hot sauce to mine.

Andy C

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Were heading to the coast today for a late lunch, early dinner “linner”, at a place TT would love as they make the best hamburgers. Artic circle.
They also make the best malts, so it will be tough to not get a malt today. Im already telling myself “hey, you ran 10 miles this morning, plus walked the dog a few miles - enjoy the malt”. Its been over 6 weeks with no treats, and my willpower is starting to get weak.