Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

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I got home from a two week trip to Libertardia (west coast) late last night. Now it's mid afternoon of the next day and I just spent 7 hours moving snow around. For some reason I have an aching back. I think I'll go get an 8 piece fried chicken for dinner and maybe serve it with fries and green beans.


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The sellers backed out of our contract so we can't get the house. Shelley's so upset and so am I.
Back to square one.
That is so sad Mary... praying God will intercede and find you a better one that will make you all happy again and the deal will go thru. Maybe God had his hand in this... maybe there was something not right with this house.... just a thought.. hugs

Got the crock pot out and have some beef strips cooking... gonna try and make me a small pot of stew and dumplings .

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We had "Bodacious Breakfast" at the church between services this morning: scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and two small pancakes for $3 each person!!! Can't beat that anywhere.......... AND, the man in front of us paid for our breakfast, as a kind gesture!!! BLESSING!!!!! We will be sure to do it for someone else next time. It is served once a month..........

I'll fix some chicken for dinner tonight................not sure exactly what yet............... but, something.