Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?


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It's fureeeeeeeeezing cold here across the pond, has been lashing it down with rain and lots of flood conditions in different parts of the UK.... So with the cold weather it's got to be.... Home made curry time again :) :wooo:waltz:mousedance:pink
That's a terrific idea! Curry can burn off the chilly freezy feeling in a flash! Stay safe from the floods!

Well G and I were out grocery shopping at Superstore-- our Safeway is all but closed now, so my back's to the wall if I want better celery than I've been finding at Walmart. I never knew you could buy bitter celery, but they had it last week.

I found a package of chicken wings and thought George and I might like me to do up some HOT WINGS!

So that's dinner here. He got a nice big LoBok which is a giant Chinese radish. Lovely mellow sweet flavour, little kick.


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We was out getting a few groceries and some different yarn colors I was looking for. Little Great Grandson needs some slippers and his Grandma said make them in royal blue.... so had to go get some and a few other colors. Got an ice cap.... and Patsy said we should have a double quarter pounder and cheese again... with extra onion and extra pickle... it was early, but that's okay... maybe later heat up one of those frozen steak and kidney pies again... yummmm
Was lucky today to find the soup bones I buy for Patsy... they don't always have them.... I boil them up and she get one a day... takes her a couple of hours to get one really clean, but boy does she love them.


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Welcome to the table James, pull up a chair and have fun with us!

Thank you. Were you flying them back in the day when they included a Bible verse with each snack/meal served? I think their CEO at the time left the company for full time missionary work.
I wish I had been, that sounds wonderful. No we only found them in recent years when our flight connections allowed for us to use them. I normally fly Air North (the Yukon equivalent) when I go to Whitehorse but Alaska flies south of the border so it's one we choose when we have a choice.

Well it's the mighty leftover tonight. The hot wings were good, a few of them and a few of the sausages from the day before will round out dinner along with assorted veggies.


Come Lord Jesus!!!!!!
Planes with tiramisu and Bible verses :) sound like my kind of plane lol :skydiver

Welcome James :)

Here, ds announced he would like to try my salmon, so it's salmon, steamed potatoes and green beans for him and cauli cheese for me... :mousedance

Our weekly shop arrived sooooo my little stash of pecans have too, so very soon I'll be having a go at making pecan, peanut butter and caramel brownies.... what's not to like??! :hyper

Update, ds ate his salmon...
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Every day lately, I post what I think I am going to prepare, only to have something come up to change my plans. Yesterday, Deb and I went to Best Buy to purchase a new, larger, clearer t.v. It's our Christmas gift to each other this year. We don't go out much, have several English/Australian and Christian channels we subscribe to (in order to find something worthwhile to watch) and of course we watch PBS a bit, too. After our purchase, we had lunch at Applebee's before going to Costco to pick up some staples before the crowds there get even worse. Come dinner time, we weren't even hungry that much, so raided the fridge of leftovers. MAYBE we'll have the nachos tonight????


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Did any of you ever fly Midwest Airlines in the 80' an 90's? It was ALL first class seating, and they served wonderful meals on china, with wine selections in glasses, and real silverware............... THEN, before your flight ended, they served fresh baked, warm chocolate chip cookies!!!! All included in your ticket price! Sometime in the early 2000's they were taken over by Frontier Airlines. What a disaster!!! That has to be one of the worse airlines around!! DH and I were FF members until after he passed almost five years ago. I had half a million flyer miles, and just finished using them up last spring when I brought my daughter and family out for a visit. I switched over to Southwest which is much better, but nothing like Midwest was.